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This summer wiishmaker intends to try and make a live action video for Alice Human Sacrifice with out Vocaloid group and i loved the idea so now i'll be making AHS Meiko for this summer.
I'll most likely be enlisting some help from Helen here as i'm gonna be rather busy this summer... But i'm gonna do my best at this <3
We're kinda combinded the music video and drama outfit here to get the desired and tbh most simple outfit -shot-
I'm hoping to splatter this with blood ;D
And hopefully i'll have time to make the sword if not i have a plastic one somewhere that if i modified would work rather well...

Wig - Preowned
White fabric for apron - Preowned (so much left from takanari!)
4 meters red cotton - £11.60
Sword - Preowned (random buy years ago lol)
Blouse - Preowned

EDIT: It looks like the video is gonna get pushed back for a bit due to it being so short notice so for now this is going back into planned :) One day i will get it done lol


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