Sakura (undecided!) - Card Captor Sakura





Ok. you got me! you win!

i swore to myself i'd try and avoid CCS cosplays but i just can't help myself, i'm a sucker for pretty outfits and Sakura has some of the prettiest.... plus these ones look like they haven't been cosplayed before as most of them if not all are from the art book.

i haven't decided on one yet.

please leave comments on which ones you like best! ^^

probably will be a while before i do whichever i choose though....

25/04/08: So far the votes have been leaning towards number 3. that's my favourite too! >w<
we should be able to have polls for these decision things....


iggie posted on 20 April, 2008 - 17:00
Hehe how could you resist? XD I really like the second one!I've seen alot of the water jester outfit but not many of her other jester ones! Plus it's a different colour scheme from her usual outfits since alot of her costumes are pinky XD I also like the first one! Stars ^-^ <3 Look forward to seeing progress soon!

Solaria posted on 20 April, 2008 - 17:26
Very nice cant wait to see em ^^ x

Charlie-Bear posted on 20 April, 2008 - 18:28
The third one is my favourite, its so cute! Just like a little flower! I've never even seen this image before but its in my opinion the best out of the other ones =3

animeaddict posted on 24 April, 2008 - 19:00
number three is the prettiest of many prettyful costumes in my opinion. but they all look like fun, so, have fun!

Fizzykat posted on 2 May, 2008 - 16:12
nuber 4 is so cute! i love the little wings and the crown! also number 1 is pretty funky too