Meiko (Dark Wood Circus) - Vocaloid




For part of a group on sunday <3
Meiko's outfits in this video is just...-melts-
They're so awesome and i loved them all but i setteled on this one because it was the most halloween/circus like plus i had a brilliant idea for the makeup ;D
With this point in the video where she gets hung and the flowers come over her face i've decided to combine that with this and i plan to make a kinda hat/headband thing with loads of flowers some living and some dead along with some like decaying kinda makeup because of the line "the face that is rotten"
So yeah i'm really excited for this especially all that makeup >W<

Wig - Preowned
Tie - Preowned
about 3 meters of white bistretch cotton -whichjuliettertotallydidn'tfindonthesaletable- £5.05
3 meters stripped cotton for the shorts - £7..ish
Cream pollycotton - Preowned
1 red zip 50p
2 bunches of fake flowers - £2
Shoes - £7
Black zip - preowned


KonohaKunoichi94 posted on 23 June, 2010 - 19:52
cant wait to see this :]

Mortal posted on 24 June, 2010 - 19:02
Awesome! XD Really look forward to seeing this!

KiraraYumi posted on 1 July, 2010 - 13:07
This is going to be awesome, really looking foward to seeing this!

Yamakuzy posted on 1 October, 2010 - 19:21
Creepy :o I LIKE IT!

tinygreenturkeyeyes posted on 1 October, 2010 - 20:47
Sorry I didn't reply, no texts left D: The make up looks amazing <33 it's gonna look so cool with the flower thingy ontop and all <333

WarpFly posted on 2 October, 2010 - 01:40
I can't wait to see more pictures.

tinygreenturkeyeyes posted on 10 October, 2010 - 18:47
BCEWGFBUEIWG YOU MADE THE FLYERS <33 THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME >W< Put a pic up of the collar :D;;;? Just made my head thingy :3

TheEmoEmu posted on 23 October, 2010 - 09:57
Interesting fact: the flowers are a euphemism for the acid that was thrown on kids' faces in the circus as pumnishment. OMG FACTS And, I reaaaaally can't wait to see this! ^^

CrystalNeko posted on 9 November, 2010 - 22:21
Why aren't there that many comments? THIS COSTUME NEEDS MORE COMMENTS! You looked so amazing!! You all did brilliantly in the masquerade too!! I love what you did with the face make up as well~

KiraraYumi posted on 9 November, 2010 - 23:42
N'aww, I really wanted to see this! You look awesome, you did so well on this! <3 I really love the flowers especially!

Charlie-Bear posted on 11 November, 2010 - 22:43
You know I love this! The poofy pants, and DEM CURLY SHOESSS <3 So awesome and freaky. You looked amazingggg!

phalor posted on 13 November, 2010 - 19:27
This looks amazing. *A* I'm gutted I never got to see it. :(

Clover-tan posted on 24 May, 2011 - 15:22
So awesome! That girl in the video was Meiko? Ah, I thought so~! xD

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

11th October 2010

Shoe progress~

Started on the shoes today. I bought a plain pair of black heels from new look (£7 HELL YEAH <3) and using masking tape just kept going around and around to make the curl. Now i need to get some black spray paint to coat it but for now this will do.

1st October 2010

FLower band

Head flowers progress. Added some more flowers need to dirty it up now and add the real flowers a couple of days before expo.

1st October 2010


God i swear i need to remember to keep progress on here!
The top was completed ages ago i used the same shirt pattern as i did for meiko (default) but i modified the sleaves.
I'm borrowing the tights of juliette and i had the wig already.
I started on the flower band i used a thin alice band and some clingfoil and i then used a bunch of fake flowers i got from poundland and cut them of the stems ,i had to paint a few of them blue too, and then stuck them on with the glue gun. However it looks far too...happy. So i'm gonna try making it a bit muddy and tea stain it.
The ruff is now done. I used interfacing and ironed it onto the fabric then using the glue gun i glued it onto a strip of fabric which would fit around my neck however the gaps were far too big and it was far too wide so i had to unglue it all and cut it in half and glued the two parts together i then basically folded it over and over to make that kinda springy looking thing people make outta paper and then attached some velcro to the end so i could fit around my neck and keep it in place. However i think it looks too thin so i might remake it if i have enough time.