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Lieutenant detonation Synopsis:

Real name - Unknown (orphaned at birth, never knew her real name)
Crew Name: Lieutenant Detonation
Age- unknown (government records blown up :))
Gender- female
Orientation: undecided

Skills: Explosives, bombs, and anything that goes boom
Wanted for: Spying, destruction of government property, theft, Assault, murder etc
Weapon of choice: Anything that can be set alight and used as an explosive
Favourite weapon: something only she knows as "The black plague"

A rather torn navy blue coat only seen to be covered in scorch marks and tears.
She wears a white blouse covered over with a black corset.
Pair of black shorts and a long pair of black boots.

Always equipped with a belt which she has two rather big pockets hanging off, one side for her tools, the other for her explosives, she also has a pair of gloves, a black hat and a pair of goggles.
She has long dark hair and green eyes, her face is usually covered in soot from the work she does.
Quite short in height but that doesn’t bother her too much as it means she can get into places to set her explosives off quite happily
Personality on board the ship: absolutely insane out of her mind, always trying to blow something or someone up.

Back story
Lieutenant detonation before her chip was removed lived in the streets making explosives and selling them on to government officials to get credits so that she could drink and eat.
The government needed her as even their officials couldn’t make such explosives so intricate and powerful as she could.
The government tried to use her more and more and she started growing angry of them using her so much when she needed the pay for herself.
This is when her hate for the government began.
She was found by captain bliss, at the time she was about to blow up a government building with a special bomb which she had engineered herself. She called it the black plague as all could be smelt after miles around was smoke and death.
Once the building went up, she slowly collected her things, walked off but as she did she bumped into the young gent.
She saw his appearance as quite strange and he spoke to her with much interest in her skill.
Turns out this gent also hated the government and owned a ship.
He knew she would be useful upon the ship as a demolition expert, and they both started talking about how her talent could be used.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 23 June, 2010 - 11:11
Really strong start! I like your design, Military wear is a Steampunks dream! :P I really look forward to seeing this!

Kitticus posted on 23 June, 2010 - 11:34
Thankyou very much :3

Petchy-mon posted on 24 June, 2010 - 19:24
Looks great so far. Keep up the good work =3

Kitticus posted on 24 June, 2010 - 19:27
Thankyou~ :3

Progress Journal

27th October 2010

Only a few days to go >_<

on my list of things to do are the following...

1. finish off pockets
2, scuff belt and possibly paint it
3. find and alter my corset (so i dont have to faff around with it on the day XD)
4. Make gloves
5. if i have any more time left make some more tools ^^

8th September 2010

Still left to do

Well i am slowly pacing myself through this outfit and i have decided on a few things.
I am changing the pocket design , they will just be large pockets hanging off my belt ^^.
I have also decided on a few explosive bits and pieces i will have on me the day these are the following...

1. A plush bomb (your classic black bomb and fuse, making it plush purely to throw at other members of crew and also it wont get broken XD)
2. a chemical bomb (now this isnt what you think , i purely plan on getting a round bottle that i can possibly paint up a bit and find something that is a nice shade of green to place inside of it thats drinkable as this not only looks like chemicals in there but its going to refresh me and my character would probably drink it anyway XD)

I think the only thing i am having trouble with at the moment is finding some tools or making them myself , i am looking for things like spanners, pliers etc.

I WILL have some progress on this outfit coming up soon ^^

31st July 2010

2 updates

Here are my two updates for this outfit...

1. It's been a while that i have been looking for a nice pocketwatch to match this outfit, I wanted one that wasn't going to cost me a arm and a leg, had a nice design, and preferably looking tarnished.
I found all these qualities today, i was in Camden Town and i realised that my friend had got a cheap but pretty and working pocket watch from one of the stalls for roughly £5 so i remembered where it was and decided to investigate.
I gave all the pocket watches there a good look, and in the end i found a very nice medium sized, tarnished looking bronze coloured one, popped it open and it works on the inside aswell (its going to be my new watch from now XD). I will be posting photos of it soon!!

2. I have been working on bits and pieces for this outfit both with fabrics and pencil and paper, mainly for my pockets and weaponry. My teared and tattered coat is nearly done, i just need to figure a nice way to add scorch like marks to it then its complete ^^.

I am quite happy with my slow but steady progress ^^