Resident Evil (movie)

29th October 2010: Jacket- Alterations part two The zips on the jacket I bought are a bronze colour whereas Spence's are silver... so naturally I wanted to change that. It would of been a pain to find replacement zips the right size (as there's some on the sleeves and pockets also) so I decided to paint them. I asked on the forums what sort of paint to use on metal (as didn't think acrylic would do the job) but sadly no-one replied. Thankfully I thought to ask Lycan who does custom paint jobs on airsoft pistols and he suggested Hammerite metal paint. I found a small tin in Wilkinsons and got to work.

I carefully painted each "tooth" which was fiddly work. It's not the neatest job but I didn't totally botch it up at least lol I'm really pleased with how the paint has covered with a single coat and the zips still work! I wasn't expecting that (thought the paint would jam the zippers) so that's a welcome bonus. I also painted over the poppers on the collar.

The only thing off with the jacket is that the popper button and snaps (whatever you call them) are meant to be the other way round on the collar. But it can't be perfect I guess.

24th October 2010: Jacket- Alterations part one Started making alterations to the jacket today to make it more accurate. I removed the chest pocket flap and the other half of the popper underneath it. One of the collar poppers was also removed as well as the little studs by the chest pocket and the zipped pockets.

Removing these meant you could see where the material was torn/ frayed so I covered those edges up with black marker pen (which shows a bit but better than the beige colour it was before). But the bigger holes still looked obvious so I used the pocket flap to cut up little bits of the material and glue it over the holes. Now from a distance it looks a lot better =) Again I had to tidy up the edges with marker pen.

On close inspection you can see what I've done but overall I'm happier with the way it looks now. Just the zip colour to sort out!

3rd October 2010: New wig I thought my old wig was too bright a shade of blonde and also had no skin top parting so I wanted to get a better one. This is one of my fav Alice cosplayers: and I managed to find the name of her wig on one of the photo captions. It's made by Rene of Paris which is an expensive "designer" wig brand. The only reason I bought it is because it's now a discontinued style and so was at a clearance price, there's no way I would pay the original price for it.

Because of the cost and the fact it looks quite natural on that other cosplayer I was very disappointed to find it doesn't even have a skin top. I can buy a £20 wig from Japan that has a skin top. So yeah, pretty annoyed about that, I just hope it doesn't look too fake. The colour and style are good at least, I just need to use a bit of wax to tame down the curls a bit so they're not too "poofy".

20th September 2010: Jacket Picked this up from ebay as it was within my price range and the most suitable I could find. I planned to remove the chest pocket flap as Spence's jacket only has the 2 zipped pockets at the bottom. This I thought would be easy as in the listing photo the flap was plain but as you can see in the photo the actual jacket I got has a popper on it meaning if I remove the flap I still have the other half of the popper attached to the jacket. Also the listing photo showed one popper on the collar (which Spence has) not the two that the actual jacket I received has. Grrr! If I attempt to remove these I will be prob be left with holes in the jacket.

I complained to the seller saying they need a more accurate photo on the listing but I won't send it back as I can't find anything else more suitable as this jacket has the zipped pockets and the zips on the sleeves also that Spence's has. Although I wish they were silver not bronze... I might attempt to paint them or something.

14th July 2010: Test shot Complete. Hope to add Spence's jacket at some point.

14th July 2010: Wig and make-up test Cheap wig from ebay. Would like a better one in a darker shade of blonde with a skin top parting.

14th July 2010: Hotpants The references clearly show a skirt but during the scene in the film where she kicks a zombie dog she appears to be wearing matching shorts.

12th July 2010: Dress edges sealed Photo shows "heat creases"

Okay I was brave and very carefully sealed the edges with a lighter. It's actually left a kinda nice curled edge effect which I would of got with a rolled hem. The only issue is the heat caught other areas of the fabric and although didn't singe it (thankfully) it has creased it slightly. Trying to "pull" these creases out doesn't work so wondering if ironing them over a damp tea-towel would fix it. Prob not if the fabric has half-melted... hmm. I prob best leave it alone, no-one's gonna make a fuss over it apart from myself.

11th July 2010: Dress alterations Right first the dress had extra frilly parts along the hem which I removed easily. Then I had to extend the slit in the side so it reached my hip. Unfortunately my cutting skills aren't that.. neat.. hah. I managed to get the top layer looking okay by cutting it bit by bit but I make the mistake of just hacking away at the under-layer thinking "Well no-one's going to see it". Umm no Leonie you idiot the under-layer is there because the top layer is semi-sheer... so you can see the layer underneath. Bollocks! I can tidy it up a bit but I've cut it back too far so now I'm worrying it looks stupid -_- You learn from these things I guess.
All I need to do is seal the edges somehow. I don't want a visible hem (would love a rolled hem but I can't do that) but the material is too delicate for wonderweb. I just need to figure out how I'm gonna stop it fraying.

9th July 2010: Boots modified I had to remove the straps and buckles and the loop holes that held them onto the boot. My efforts left marks (as did my dog when he jumped up so the material is clearly not scratch resistant at all) but I shall cover this with shoe polish and if that doesn't work I guess it doesn't matter as Alice's boots won't be brand new looking after kicking some zombie ass =p

So yeah they're not perfect but for now, at least, they'll do.

9th July 2010: Under skirt I brought a burgundy skirt which was just above knee-length so it needed shortening. As I don't have a sewing machine at home and my hand-sewing can get sloppy I decided to raise the hem using wonderweb which I hadn't used before.

I cut the skirt (more like butchered...) just shy of where I needed the new length to be roughly then got to work with my wonderweb and iron. I am not very gifted in even something so simple it seems... my hemline is kinda wonky, prob due to my poor cutting skills lol But it doesn't look too bad, I hope ^^'

The skirt just about covers my butt. Thank you Resi wardrobe designers... BUT I have some burgundy dance hotpants on the way to keep my modesty in check lol

8th July 2010: Boots My boots came from ebay and the seller feedback made it clear the quality would be cheap and they prob wouldn't last long but I was really struggling to find anything suitable. At least I don't cosplay every week so they should hold out!

They're not quite knee high and there's a seam near the top I don't like (picky, picky) but the material looks right and they're flat at least.

29th June 2010: Ring I got a plain gold band from ebay for Alice's wedding ring. Sadly mine won't have "Property of Umbrella Corporation" engraved inside =p

21st June 2010: Handgun Weapon wise I've got my cheapo silver toy gun (from the early Jill days lol) and I've painted over the in-your-face orange tip. Promo images show her with 2 handguns in one shot and with a large assault gun in another. However in the film she just uses the one handgun and an axe so I'm sticking with that.

EDIT: Handguns are the Beretta 92FS Inox which Alice takes from the dead security guard and Rain's Springfield Armory Mil-Spec M1911A1 which she uses later on as the Beretta was discarded once it ran out of ammo.

The promo shot of Alice shows a Heckler & Koch G36K, but the assault rifle has an AG36 grenade launcher mounted under the barrel of the weapon. Alice is seen holding the G36K by the AG36 grenade launcher's pistol grip in the US theatrical poster. However she never uses this weapon in the film.

20th June 2010: Dress Found on ebay. To be altered.

15th June 2010: References Reference photos of the costume. I did not add the annotations

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Ranma1-2 - 22nd June 2010
Base dress looks ideal! Look forward to seeing you at LFCC.

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letmelive - 6th July 2010
Looking good ^___^


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letmelive - 12th July 2010
Awwwh man well done on altering the dress!!! Looks amazing ^___^

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Leonie Heartilly - 12th July 2010
Thanks hun ^^

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LittleMissChikorita - 12th July 2010
The dress looks fantastic! nice one hun. can't wait till the weekend.xx

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Manga Girl - 14th July 2010
Looking great hun! I'm gutted I'll be unable to see this ^^;

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Zelda - 15th July 2010
Great work ^^! can't wait to see this at lfcc.

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Anonymous - 20th July 2010
Brilliant costume, picture that was taken with myself and my friend dressed as Barry Burton turned out awesome :D

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gaming_goddess - 21st July 2010
This looks so awesome :D and the wig looks brilliant :)

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Leonie Heartilly - 22nd July 2010
Vic- I think it's too blonde! D=

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Sasashie - 22nd July 2010
looks fantastic hun xx

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Zelda - 22nd July 2010
You looked amazing ^^

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Leonie Heartilly - 22nd July 2010
Thanks for the comments girls ^^ I'm not entirely happy with it though so hopefully improvements shall be made.

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letmelive - 22nd July 2010
Awwh man this is epic!!


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FusionRose - 22nd July 2010
I didn't see you at lcff =[ you look amazing, great alice =]

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leumas - 22nd July 2010

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Raain - 28th July 2010
hey.. really like this one. workin on my own resident evil one and hoping it turns out half decent

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My__RoadOfBlood - 3rd August 2010
you make an amazing Alice :D

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Leonie Heartilly - 3rd August 2010
Thanks for the comments everyone =)

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Sasashie - 11th September 2010
cant wait to get photo's with you x

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Leonie Heartilly - 11th September 2010
Same here hun!

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CrystalNeko - 4th October 2010
Oh wow! The new wig is really perfect! You really suit the character, looking forward to shiny new photos with the new wig :3

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Leonie Heartilly - 4th October 2010
Thanks hun, I'm just a little worried it doesn't look natural as it doesn't have a skin top ^^'

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FairyPorchQueen - 4th October 2010
New wig looks great, and very natural :)

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Leonie Heartilly - 5th October 2010
Thanks, my mum said it looked fake! lol

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Mangamad - 18th November 2010
It my look fake...but it still look brill. ^^b

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Leonie Heartilly - 18th November 2010
Umm thanks? ^^'

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Amy-Lou - 6th May 2011
The green screen shots look fun, they're pretty well done too.
Great Alice :)

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Leonie Heartilly - 6th May 2011
Thanks ^^

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M.Kesaiyn - 29th May 2012
This looks awesome. Nice job.

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Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 16th May 2015