Ema Skye (Detective - Apollo Justice version) - Phoenix Wright Series




I relised I was in severe need of a cosplay from the Phoenix Wright series and since I already own the Labcoat due to my Biomed uni course... We scientific types have to stick together, man!

I'll probably have a few tweaks to make if I'm taking this to Kitacon, I'll see.


Fishyfins posted on 26 February, 2011 - 19:54
if im not mistaken, this is the cosplay you were wearing theda i first (properly) met you :3 nicely done ^^

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28th June 2010

Nearly there :D

Went shopping instead of watching the World Cup match and made a fair bit of progress =] Necktie is pretty much the only thing I don't have at all; I'm stil kind of figuring out what to do for it.

I have until this saturday... and I have no time to shop due to my full-time job T_T