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Mana (Gardenia) - Malice Mizer





I've decided to wear this for halloween, which gives me a really short deadline.

-Ohohohoho, HIJACK! The following text is written by CrystalNeko, obviously this is not the true user so some information may prove to be inaccurate... *shrugs* xD-

Sooo costume is complete, oh heck I can't be bothered to type anything up. I was just told to put this on 'Complete'!

All I WILL say is that all pictures are taken by CrystalNeko OR Special-pleb, depends on who's in the picture or time - I can't remember myself which picture I took so yeaaaaah [Well actually I can for most of them, I'm just lazy xP].

Lalala, it's fun spamming Izzy's profile 83 [It's especially amusing when she's watching me type this... or if she leaves it on. She's not watching me type this though so I am not amused =/]

-----------Thanks Fifi ^_^----------------
Ooookay...err tutus are hard to make >.< it took hours! other than that, i sewed elastic on the sleeves of a school shirt to make them puffy, sewed lace on the collar, bought long white stockings(which i LOVE xDDD), stole my mother's white shoes, and sewed the tutu onto a vest top to put over my unfitted shirt. I also made a white miniskirt and found white shorts to prevent panty shots :P
I meant to backcomb my hair! but backcombing and blue spray didn't mix well >.< and in the end the spray was screwy anyways DX


Charlie-Bear posted on 18 April, 2008 - 17:07
BOOYAH! Yay for Malice Mizer, so much makeup XDD This will be fun! =3 Blue Hair, Blue hair!! X3

1000014 posted on 25 July, 2008 - 14:53
hehe, you are doing the Manas I never touched xD

Charlie-Bear posted on 3 November, 2008 - 23:19
LOL Awhutnow?! 'Well hey babeh I don't mind if your a dude' ;DD Ahem yes anyway, FANTASTIC MANA!!! X3 YOU LOOKED SOOOOOO CUTE, more Manas please D<

Progress Journal

28th October 2008

Tutu skirt half made. Frick it's a pain >.<

I've made half the tutu-y skirt. There are 4 layers there(not 1 Chaaarlie XP, and i'm making it so the bottom layers are shorter. So while it looks like it's indecently short(which it currently IS), it will actually be a decent length(i hope).

28th October 2008

Hairband made. Yaaaay!

I got a basic hairband, sewed white polycotton over it, then pleated netting over it, making it look all fluffy and smexy ^_^ I also did a hair/makeup test, although i'll do another hair test tomorrow when i buy BLUEEE hairspray xDD My picture is a bit spazzy, but there we go, here it is anyways