Viktor Schreck - Ubersoft





Viktor Schreck is a lawyer for Ubersoft, a fictional company in a webcomic. Viktor being my favourite character in this comic I am going to cosplay him!


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Progress Journal

1st August 2010

Book of GUILT

I made a book of GUILT. Don't ask what that actually is. The book itself is actually David Attenboroughs Trials of Life.

19th June 2010


Got a suitable pair of glasses that will do the trick. Sure they're +1.50 strength but they're cool :3

19th June 2010

Waistcoat and tie

Well, my waistcoat and tie are here. They're not just fine, they're Fine. As in Finery. As in fake silk :D They fit like a glove :D Just need a ginger/red/orangy wig and some sweet glasses and its complete :D