Undead Warlock (Tier 5 raid armour ) - World of Warcraft





Well... tier 5 raid armour.. the most epic set in my opinion ^-^
A robe with chains and whatnot attached to it... I plan on making some kind of plate armour stuff to go around the waist..
shoulders (oh god I'm going to die) with spikes and skulls ^^
hood which i will somehow make a chain halo type item.. yay! plus mask for the lower half of ma face O.O
gloves! somehow they have to be rigid and sticky -outty... yerrr

Staff! of epic and ossum... this i don't think is an in game iiem it's the one from the model instead :3
fingers- gotta make claw fingers @_@ maybe attach to the gloves? hmm
toes- toa claws :D and ofc shoe sock things :)
contacts - either red or white... white looks ossum for dead type cosplays.. but red might be more accurate even tho i'm not making a full mas <.<" or maybe yellow :o yet to decide
teeth -i'd like to get spikey teeth for this so i can feel all creepy and undead like.. and freak out the odd person XD naturally

-sadly this is being postponed due to money (or lack thereof)-


Silantre posted on 20 June, 2010 - 12:10
Whoop! Go Warcraft!!!!

kizuza posted on 15 July, 2010 - 08:23
Can't wait to see this. Yay, Warcraft.