Kagamine Rin (Act 2) - Vocaloid 02


Amecon 2010


I am not cute, apologies in advance.

Anonymous posted on 5 July, 2010 - 11:04
Awww i'm sure you will make a great Rin! and I bet you are cute :D Can't wait to see piccys! I adore Rin and Len. I didn't make a very good Len! But it's all fun n_n

shido posted on 7 August, 2010 - 23:26
Text is a prototype because I have to do them in 3 parts and have to align them straight D: Seem to have gotten the hang of it, though ;D

Top & Collar
Arm warmers
Leg warmers

Total cost: £0.00

10th August 2010

Clothes finished!

So I've finished my jobs for RinLen. The tops and shorts are finished! I'm quite proud of how everything has turned out, I'm not necessarily the master of neat seams and polished hems, but I tried really hard this time and it makes me chuffed to see them almost complete XD;; Frazzy's jobs to complete by tonight: -Cover headphones in Fablon. -Attach microphones to headbands. -Attach panel to armwarmers. -Attach speakers to legwarmers. -Finish painting belts. -Attach belts to buckles. Not a small amount of tasks; good thing I'm here to help, too! How useful I can be still remains to be seen!

7th August 2010


Not technically my progress, but progress for my costume all the same! Frazzy is compiling the pieces for the headphones today, should be complete by tonight if we're lucky~ I can't really write much about them since I haven't been involved in the making of, but when she updates about them I'll copy/paste it XD;;

7th August 2010

Leg warmers/collar pieces

Being the new owner of a shiny embroidery machine, Frazzy and I begged Shido to use her magic jiggery pokery on pieces of our costumes which we couldn't get a delicate enough finish on ourselves. Frazzy vectored out the shape of the music notes and the words on the leg warmers in photoshop, Shido then converted them to the embroidery machine thingy and set it to work! The end result is FANTASTIC, I am completely in awe. (Although apparently the words are a prototype, and they'll be done properly later on, STILL looks amazing.)

2nd August 2010

Tops 90%

Just need the tie and bow on them now! Finished these quite a while ago, actually, but I got so sidetracked on Beatrice that I totally forgot to post anything about them. The bias is hand made so it matches the yellow of everything in the rest of the costume, which took a long time to make between me and Frazzy. The ricrac was bought online and shaded in with a sharpie to get the same tone as everything. It's a shame you can't see the double hand stitched line I did above the bottom of the tops, but I think it's more apparent in person~ The collars were a bit of a bother. Interfacing was bondawebbed to the underside to give some shape and stability, but when it came to sewing it all up inside out and attaching to the shirt I lost a few needles to the thickness of it all =___= Got there in the end, though, and I'm really proud of how crisp and neat it all looks! The shorts are finished aside from the belt loops, turn ups and Len's strange belt things on the bottom. That will be the next thing for me to tackle in these costumes~!

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