Sailor Jupiter - Sailor Moon




The anime version of Sailor Jupiter, for use in the huge Sailor Moon group that is happening this May ^^
The wig and the boots finally came through; I'm lucky, 'cause the boots fit PERFECTLY (although they squeak loads, haha) and the wig is beautiful quality, not to mention it doesn't fall off my head. =D (now, to learn those dances...)

I had to pay for this one myself, luckily I had money left up from the last costume I made so I only had to scrape together £20. Phew xD;
Wig cost £12 from eBay, shoes around £8 not including postage. <33


SamanthaKaiba posted on 30 January, 2011 - 03:09
you look so awesome here ^_^

Sorceress-Eiva posted on 30 January, 2011 - 15:08
:D thankies~ <3