Mello (After explosion) - Death Note




I decided I would cosplay Mello from Death Note after a friend dragged me into the fandom, and so far it's been my most-worn cosplay since I started.
I ordered the actual costume for about £40, but since the postal service was being really crap at the time, I only received the costume the week *after* the expo, which sucked. So the night before I stayed up very late with some needles, thread, and an old shirt that I had. I had to mod the shirt so that it was sleeveless, and the holes that were in a pair of black combats that I had lying about, and then I was done.
The gloves I bought from a store in Ireland for about £18; the wig a friend let me borrow; and thankfully another friend let me borrow her platforms for the costume as well. =D A friend from a previous expo kindly did the scar-makeup for me, since she had some left over, which I love her for - it saved me a lot of hassle xD;
Finally the very tacky-looking rosary; I was going to buy a more realistic-looking one from Argos, except they weren't stocking any. So I had to go to Primark and buy a necklace with a lot of red beads, some red wire from a haberdashery (is that how you spell it?) and a cool-looking cross from Boots (because that was the only place that was selling one, can you believe it). After many failed attempts of sticking the beads and cross together, I decided to try the wire and VERY CLUMSILY made it all stay together, for which I'm very thankful for. XD

Possibly the best expo I've ever been to, I really enjoyed myself because of this costume and made lots of new friends as well - and I learnt that you can NEVER TRUST THE POST OFFICE. *glares at it*


Monkey posted on 17 April, 2008 - 22:29
Hehe thanks for the comment on my Kiriyama. I love this Mello! You look so good and cute! *really likes Mello* And you really can't tell the outfit is a rushed job! Well done! :D

CrystalNeko posted on 18 April, 2008 - 12:23
Oh wow, I must have missed you in oct! o.o But your scars are amazing! And I agree with Monkey that you can't tell it's rushed =3