Kahoko Hino
La Corda d'Oro

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: School Uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th March 2011: Final detailing Took a few photos to show how the costume fits me overall and the little details.

First photos hows it's kinda fitted, it could be more fitted but oh well xD
Second photo shows the uniform with the logo on, wahey! It's not actually ironed on yet though because that will be my last job.
Third photo shows all the buttons and button holes done, as well as a close up of the tie.
Last photo shows the back of the tie, first time I've added the little tag thingy. I normally either make fake ties or ties that just aren't long enough for the little tag thingy so it was a first for me, pahaha!

I haaaate self cover buttons, it's a good idea but such a pay to do! Glad I don't have to do that many ahaha!
I used the matte side of gold crepe back satin leftover from my Prologue Sakura (Tsubasa) and Panty (Panty and Stocking) cosplay.

Time Taken: 1hr 30mins

26th March 2011: Tie Tie is done, so I decided to try it all on and see how it looks 8D

I still have to hold the front panel in place because as I said before - no buttons!! Hence why it looks sorta baggy on me, it really is more fitted than this - honest!

So yeah, the red tie is three layers of red sheeting (leftover from Chance!Kirari/Koharu). Three layers because her tie is weird and seems to have like a second tie forming, I don't know, it's really cool though but a pain in the ass to sew! I found the white ribbon at the very bottom of my fabric bin ahaha, I was contemplating on using cotton so that it wouldn't be shiny... But most ties are silky anyway so I decided to make life easier for myself!

For once in my life (that's a lie, second time) I've made a fully functional tie. Not a fake one. I had tons of red fabric to spare so I thought why not! I wanted this costume to be one of my best school uniforms so I decided to go all out pahahaha! (ALTHOUGH IT'S TOO BIG, PAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

I've worn this skirt so much for other cosplays that it really needs to be re-ironed so that the pleats actually show up... I'll do that when I come to iron ALL my cosplays before packing them!

I'm really not use to wearing knee high socks either XD; I normally wear either thigh high or ankle socks, Kahoko! Why you no wear thigh high socks!? D;

Time Taken: 1hr

Hoping to get this done by Monday after I buy the remaining stuff I need, but otherwise THIS COSTUME IS DONE! HAPPY TIMES, KAHO-CHAN IS GOING TO KITA GUYS!

26th March 2011: Collar Sewn together the collar and have attached it to the top! My attempt to make everything as neat as possible FAILED. I knew I would muck up when making the collar tbh xD; Ahhh well, I love this costume too much to sale away anyway!

I have to iron the collar (as well as the rest of the costume!!) so that you can't see that it's double layered but otherwise it's done! Will iron everything when I pack all my costumes~

Next up, the tie! Did I mention I also hate making ties? @_____@

Time Taken: 2hrs

26th March 2011: Cuffs sewn on the black detailing onto one piece of grey cotton then double layered it and turned it inside out - sewed one layer on the inside of the sleeve then the other layer on the outside so that the cuffs overall have the same seamless look the uniforms have.

Now I can log my time!

Time Taken: Uhmmm... An additional 2-3hrs?? I did some work on the jacket today as well from last night which is why it's taken me so long. Not to mention some of it needed to be hand sewn because it wouldn't fit through the machine XD;


26th March 2011: Back thingy One strip of black cotton with grey cotton sewn on either side. When I sewed it in it nearly gave me a heart attack when I ripped the seams for me to sew it in because I ripped it too much! But then I fixed it by extending the seams so I guess it's even more fitted than it was before!

I decided to go a bit higher than the chalk lines - haven't rubbed them off yet xD;

26th March 2011: Base jacket complete! Picture of everything hemmed and sewn together. I have to hold the front panel in place because I need to buy some buttons still - will do that on Monday when I next go in town.

I apologise greatly for the incredibly dirty mirror xD;;

26th March 2011: Start of jacket I did this last night but CI packed up on me so I couldn't actually post the pictures!

So this is basically a picture explaining how the jacket works. A lot of the ones I've found on eBay or on deviantART have the front bits as purely decoration and have a hidden zip at the side - which was a pain because I didn't want this at all so I had to work out the panels mathematically. I was making this at 1am as well so my brain turned to poop and this took so damn long XD

Basically there's the back panel which has darts running down from the top to bottom, then on the left is the panel that fits 3/4 of my torso with a dart running down the side which will later have fake buttons. Then underneath on the right is a panel which fits 1/2 of my torso and both panels are stitched together at the top but then falls naturally. I stitched it together at the top so that it would look neater overall - I can just pop my head over the top, it's very awkward but I do believe it makes it look better.

Since this photo I have sewn on the sleeves, hemmed the whole thing and now moving onto the grey detailing.

This jacket is deceivingly difficult, paaaah! Will be posting pictures with the sleeves and everything hemmed soon. They're crappy mirror photos though but oh well!

Time Taken: 3hrs

6th November 2010: Wig!! I had the urge to style my wig... And I really wanted to wear it to cam whore with it LMAO. So I cut it at super speed (hence it's a little too long) and well, here's the proof I have the wig! 8D

I love this wig, I think I suit this wig and colour and reeeally can't wait to be Kaho-chan <333 I WANT FABRIC NOW!! AND I MUST LEARN SOME LA CORDA SONGS BY HEART NOW OTL.

I think Kahoko is one of the cosplays I'm most looking forward to making for next year! It's one of my favourite anime/manga hnnng <333

I've only cut the fringe and bangs because I prefer it this way, plus I can reuse this wig for Kyoko (Time Stranger Kyoko) if I leave it like this ohohoho |D *shot*
I've seen other cosplayers style their wig like this, I much prefer it to the ones that layer imo x)

Yeah, sorry for n00btastic journal post. I'm just stupidly excited now that Oct cosplays are over and I can get started with Kaho-chaaan *___* (And other 2011 cosplays XD)


Ahhhh I love it <3

I spent ages trying to hunt this down. I was tempted to just get some cotton and embroider it all myself. But then I found this 8'D
Happy daaaays~~~

There's a few loose threads but y'know what, it was cheap :P

I feel the need to scrap all plans and make Kahoko NOW LOL. Must... resist... temptation...

5th June 2009: 04/06/2009 - Skirt completed! I swear I have a horrible habit of making skirts a tad too short, but on my body it looks proportionally correct so I guess that's a plus. So long as it covers my butt I'm happy LOL. But yeah at first it was right by my knee, so I cut it shorter, now it's just above mid-thigh but that's the length Kahoko has it so I guess it's all good!

I really cannot be bothered to take a picture of... a pleated skirt. Everybody knows what they look like so yeah xD

Time Taken - 1hr 30mins [to make the skirt altogether]

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 16th April 2008
maybe for the emblem find a picture of it, go to WHSmiths by some transfer paper, print it off onto that and iron it onto fabric. and then stitch it on? easy! >< although if you're going for an embroidered look then that's a useless idea.... >w<

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 16th April 2008
Hmm... I was wondering if I should use transfer paper or not... I've never used it before though... Might try and get some and experiment =3. Thanks for the suggestion! =D Anime's pretty obscure though... I can't actually find a decent picture of the emblem D= *goes google harder*

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 16th April 2008
hmmm...... yeah it's difficult to find one i guess if the anime's not too popular... you could draw it, scan it in and go from there? ><

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 29th April 2009
Patch: http://cgi.ebay.com/La-Corda-DOro-Cosplay-Accessories-Patch_W0QQitemZ350195850154QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item350195850154&_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116

I'm planning on doing Lili at some point (possibly next year) and know a couple of people who'd be willing to do a group.

FrankieEstee avatar

FrankieEstee - 9th February 2010
Can't wait to see this cosplay >w<~

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 26th March 2011
Awww you look so cute as Kahoko ^^ I seriously have never seen this cosplay done before - One day I hope you'll be able to get together a La Corda D'oro cosplay group - this series needs more love!! >:D xxx

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 4th April 2011
I really like your Kahoko cosplay. Everything on this costume is perfect.

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 4th April 2011
I love your picture of you playing the violin, so beautiful ^^

Rain avatar

Rain - 5th April 2011
wha so cute! Great cosplay!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 5th April 2011
That wig suits you so much! :D

Pandora-Chi avatar

Pandora-Chi - 5th April 2011
EEEE!!! -^^- So so cute!! Best Kahoko ever!! I love the use of the musical instrument props - love the effect it gives! Well done xx

Spirit Of The Stage avatar

Spirit Of The Stage - 7th April 2011
Glad I found you in this outfit - La Corda deserves more love...hopefully whenever we next meet (whether it's 7 months or 12) will do Kei for you and get a pain in the ass fruit to join us as well...:)

Om_nom_nom avatar

Om_nom_nom - 18th April 2011

CrystalNeko avatar

CrystalNeko - 18th April 2011
@Everyone else: Thank you very much x))) Your compliments make me happy!!

LittleRecordGirl avatar

LittleRecordGirl - 23rd February 2012
Love that you actually play the Violin too!
I was thinking of cosplaying Michiru for that same resason!
Cosplaying musicians ftw!~