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Okay so i ordered this awesomely~ perfect colour wig~ which woulda needed cutting but still,was PERFECT colour, it arrived...WAS COMPLETELY THE WRONG COLOUR ;_________; i didn't have the money to buy another one,and when i asked them about it, i had to pay for postage back..which i couldn't afford T^T

I plan to re-wear minori because i luve that character~ but honestly, not before i get a another wig~


CrystalNeko posted on 14 June, 2010 - 15:39
Yaay~ Minorin~ You and Taiga are so cute!

Lulu Rose posted on 14 June, 2010 - 16:14
You really look incredibly cute Keets! With regards to the wig, let me see what I can find for you. Iv'e managed to find some very obscure colours before and I have a hell of alot of contacts with regards to wigs and the like :p

LemonPanda posted on 14 June, 2010 - 19:07
@CrystalNeko thanks youssss~~ x3 mah taiga was awesome 0___0 @LuluRose PSCHHHHH thank you smelleh~ x3 and YUSH PLEASE~~ that would be awesome~ as everything i find is either TOO red or TOO purpley ¬___¬

- posted on 9 August, 2010 - 18:25
You really suit her. Can't belive i didn't see this. I'd of stole you for photos D:! i love the wig. it looks really high quality.

LemonPanda posted on 10 August, 2010 - 10:46
ah thannkkss much!~~ xD yeaa~ it was a nice wig~ just the colour was so off ¬ _¬

cowiee posted on 31 January, 2011 - 11:09
Looking good! (':

LemonPanda posted on 10 February, 2011 - 22:08
thanks you!~ planning on re-doing it with propoer wig thoughhh :'3

Progress Journal

26th February 2012

need new wig!<3

thinking of getting that one!~ since the one i bought came NOTHING like the image description....put me off laurawu_123 on ebay for life >{ even though they do gernally do some good wigs 8P
tis a really difficult hair colour to match!~ hoping this one will work! :'D
reallly want to re-do minori at one point!