Spiderman / Marvel Comics

Cosplayer: Broseidon

Variant: Classic blue/red


InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 14th June 2010
yay for spiderman! hope to see u there!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 1st July 2010
WOW!!! You look amazing!!! <3

Odd-One-Out avatar

Odd-One-Out - 1st July 2010
Dare you to walk through Abington Street dressed up as Spiderman, and then visit the Close Encounters comic shop :)

Broseidon avatar

Broseidon - 1st July 2010
OH god i dunno about that xD If i drink a few first maybe xD;

I was in close encounters this morning though /o/ and will be again tomorrow 8'D

goodbyeworld avatar

goodbyeworld - 1st July 2010
Words cannot express my love for this <3

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 1st July 2010
fffff this is amazing *_*
I love the blue color it looks so shiny ;A; <3

Limegreenjelly avatar

Limegreenjelly - 9th July 2010
Marvel group for the WIN! I'll be there with Rogue *high five*

ViewtifulD avatar

ViewtifulD - 22nd September 2010
I look forward to battling you! We should spider-up for midlands if you can make it :D