Agito/ Akito
Air Gear

Cosplayer: ProbablyHeather

Variant: Orange straight jacket

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th July 2012: Manchester Expo I had to take the roller blades off after insisting on wearing them for like 30 minutes.
It was so embarrassing, everybody who witnessed me trying to roller blade seemed to be in hysterics.
I can't rollerblade, I've never really done it before and look. This is my dedication to cosplay.

After 30 minutes I swapped shoes with Ikki and admitted defeat.

25th June 2012: Straight jacket 90% complete! All that needs doing to fully complete the straight jacket is the straps and buckles.
I think it looks much better than my first attempt!
It needs taking in some more, it's waaay too big. I might do that later tonight.

20th June 2012: Base complete I forgot to post this to show that the base jacket is now completely wearable with hood and collar. The zip is sewn on now too instead of just pinned.
I'm currently sewing the details, pictures maybe later when I get my SD card back from my Mum ;;;;

The jacket stops around the top of my hips.

Also, those aren't the trousers I'll be wearing. Those ones are a size too small for me so I'll be purchasing some jeans ans hope that I don't put on more weight fivjbwkfebvkfjfml

7th June 2012: zip, collar, hood, details Derpy picture ajxcnavkdv

More progress today B)
I'm still fiddling with the collar positioning.
I'm currently pinning the stripes on and then I'll resume work on this after I get home on Sunday evening/ Monday morning by doing the straps and whatnot.

I found the trousers that I got for this costume. They're uhh, a tad tight (kIgotfat) so I'll have to purchase some new ones.

6th June 2012: Agifail (my straight jacket) Base more or less complete

6th June 2012: Progress ;O The last time I made a journal on this costume was the last time that I picked up the materials for this costume.
I picked them all back up again today (finally!) and got my ass into gear.

Most of the base of my jacket is now down, I need to sew various parts together, hem a few bits, overlock some seams then it's onto the 'details'. (straps, hooks, black and white stripes)
And of course, I need to learn how to rollerblade.
/cries on my rollerblades

24th January 2011: x_ LAAA~ Progress c: _x Jay's jacket is done, it was a real nice fit too which pleased me 8D & I startd mine today~ I finished the torso and I'm gunna' do the sleeves tomorrow c: Am so excite for this~ (I also need to buy more stuff for the black&white, I used it all on Jay's jacket oTL)
The wigs arrived too, they're at Jay's house. Apparently the wig and jacket colours go nice together, so heres to me picking the nice colours? XD I haven't actully seen the wigs.. But I want mine nooow D8

Cheetos xx

9th January 2011: x_ ORANGE _x Walked into my English Lang class after buying the orange material and by the look on people's faces, they were thinking "WOW, ORANGE!"
Neways, I got started on Jay's jacket today 8D I didn't get very far tbh oTL I've finished the base jacket and the sleeves are rlyyyy long 8D
The jacket is HUUAAAAGEE on me 'cause I'm so tiny compared to Jay XD
Going out to buy more suppplied tomorrow to do the collar and hood, then will do the zip, stipe thingys, pants, straps and hooks on legs, eyepatch blah blah
Jay has bought our matching wigs c:

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 13th June 2010
Youd be such a cute Akito screw Agito xD
Tbh youd suit both personalities xDD

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 13th June 2010
But as Akito I'd be blind XDXD
You calling me crazy? D8 (I've had quite a few people say that to me on msn though XD)

Suzunerd avatar

Suzunerd - 14th June 2010
oooft can't wait to see this
XD I love Agito and Akito is sooo cute 8D

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 16th June 2010
8D 8D 8D

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 28th November 2010
Awww do the shark costume do the shark costume! 8D 8D

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 29th November 2010
I will 8D Eventuly XDXD~ I have to!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 13th January 2011
Jacket is looking amazing Chee! I cant wait for these to be finished your gonna look awesome!

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 13th January 2011
Thank you so much, FeeeFeeeeeeee~ ;w; <3

BakaBakaRangers avatar

BakaBakaRangers - 25th November 2011
I've only just noticed you have this up here BIOUDBFLI3R- *shot*
XD This reminds me how much I need to bother reading Air Gear again and to bother cosplaying Ikki XDD

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 27th November 2011
Do itttt 8DD