Matt Engarde - Phoenix Wright Justice For All


London MCM Expo October 2010

Best Performance - London MCM Expo October 2010




Freyarule organised a Villains of Ace Attorney skit for the October Expo 2010, and well, she's a huge fanwhore of Matt Engarde from Justice for All so I thought, yeah let's do it :)

The costume was half bought, half made with help from the lovely Freyarule. The jeans, boots, belt, and wig was bought and styled. The gloves were made out of brown lycra leftover from Dee's gloves, we had a lighter spandexy material but it was so flimsy we gave up and used the better quality darker lycra.

The mechanical wristbands are a combination of craft foam, velcro and foam board all painted with silver acrylics. It was then attached to the gloves to have the feel of them being the same object or sommit like that.

The jacket is made of pleather (tricky material to get through) and this was made mostly by Freyarule. She had a top pattern that she modded to get the right shapes needed for the back and front, and made it so there were two flaps one overlapping the other (the front flap was then velcro'd to the back flap). Then she made the smexy collar from scratch, and thankfully it worked first try lol. The metal studs are collar buttons hot glued onto both sides of the collar for security.

I also have scar makeup underneath the wig so if anyone asked, I lifted up my wig >:D

The skit went so awesome that we won Best Performance! I was so happy for our group, all that work really paid off :D here's to more epic groups in the future!


Freyarule posted on 11 June, 2010 - 14:52
Ehehehehehehe >8D I am so looking forward to the expo friday when I'm Robyn hehehe.

Mungojerrie posted on 14 June, 2010 - 13:48
Very excited to see this! :D :D :D

neko_riddles posted on 14 June, 2010 - 15:19
Lols so am I :P

GoldieNeko posted on 14 June, 2010 - 15:33
Can't wait to see how this comes out! ^.^

neko_riddles posted on 1 August, 2010 - 13:48
Well, three months to do it, so at some point, gotta get cracking :P

picklesofdoom posted on 21 October, 2010 - 22:58
heheheh been hearing much about this cosplay! Can't wait to see it at Expo, you'll suit Matt very well methinks! =^___^=

Loxes posted on 22 October, 2010 - 15:25
*thumbs up*

Freyarule posted on 2 November, 2010 - 08:58
Squeeee so glad you looked so epic as this :) a lot of people said to me that you looked almsot exactly like Matt, so all that work we put in pulled off <3

picklesofdoom posted on 29 March, 2011 - 10:02
You pulled this off so well :D You are awesome Matt <3

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Progress Journal

21st October 2010


Much love to Freyarule who's making the jacket for me, it's looking EPIC and I can't wait to try it on :)

Bought some suede boots off Ebay, bit dark in colour but tbh it was the cheapest I could find for that sort of quality so I'm happy.

This Sunday I hope to do the wristband cellphones and gloves and then I just need to source white jeans and a brown belt (oh and style the wig) and I'm good to go :D