Yoh Asakura (Battle Version (shorts)) - Shaman king


i choose to make yoh because i like shaman king and i like yoh. i was talked into to going to lfcc by a few friends so i figured lets do yoh. i made the orical pager so tht my phone could fit in it and act as the screen, (also so i know when its going off had loads off people calling me at expo and could hear or feel it vibrate). i made it useing card and material, i will add fasoners to it to enable me to wear it.

fistfighter_tifa posted on 11 June, 2010 - 09:35
Looks really good ^^ Woot for more SK cosplay!!

street-angel posted on 11 June, 2010 - 11:30
I have to say, making the oracle bell open and using your phone for an interactive screen (I assume it's a phone) ...that is really clever. Kudos. Major ones.

Mikado posted on 13 June, 2010 - 01:43
thank you both

My__RoadOfBlood posted on 13 June, 2010 - 12:56
Wooo! Yoh :D This looks really awesomely planned out

Solaria posted on 13 June, 2010 - 13:28
Wow the oracle bell looks amazing 8D

Mikado posted on 13 June, 2010 - 14:03
^_^ these nice comments make me happy

add orange trim to shorts and top
get hold of headphones that look similar and paint orange
finish oricale pager/bell by adding fasoners
buy and style wig

Total cost: £0.00

13th June 2010

sword work

so today i had a crack at making my sword now that i have some wood and a jigsaw. cut handle and handle guard fine and then dad came up with a better way of doing the guard which worked brillently. sanded down the handle and guard then got my friend who has a steadier hand then i do to cut the blade. before he cut the blade another friend offered some thiner wood for the blade which worked brillently. attached the guard to the blade then realised "ah problem with attaching to the handle" luckily my dads not as stupid as the rest of us working on the sword will try his idea tommorow and sand down the blade and if there's time paint it, if not that will have to wait till later in the week.

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