Flaaffy (#180) (Gijinka -Shiny-) - Pokémon


Amecon 2010


So I heard there was going to be a Gijinka/ Pokémon group at Amecon, I wasn’t too keen on my previous Wingull Cosplay (I don’t really even like Wingull.___. I just picked it because the “official” Gijinka design was so darn cute!)

So I decided to have a go at cosplaying my favourite Pokémon, Flaaffy!
I looked through a number of designs other people had created but in the end opted for designing my own, I wanted it to be casual, something easy to wear on the Friday nothing too complicated. This turned out to be the most complicated costume I’ve done so far, not because of the clothing itself but because of the tail!

I made the tail in about a week, it’s a light foam base, stuffed with toy stuffing and covered in material, the sphere on the end is just a Plushie ball I made and stuck on. I thought, because I was making it out of things like foam and stuffing it would be fairly light and keep it’s arched shape when attached to my trousers....boy was I wrong! Once attached it kind of just...flopped down... it would have done but I really wanted it to stick up like in the Flaaffy artwork and sprites, so after a few tries I finally figured out a way that would work!
So in the end, the tail base is threaded onto my belt, pinned to my trousers, pushed through a hole I cut out in the back of the dress, then I used some clear elastic cord (the type used in jewellery making) ,wrapped around the base of the ball shape and then attached to the back of the t-shirt I was wearing under my dress (which was made by my super awesome mum! Because my attempts sucked!) , when it was pulled tight enough it held the tail up right (pulled a tad on my shirt but ...ah well) and it even bounced as I walked! (Which had me in fits of giggles every time I walked)
The response I got from people was incredible! I really appreciate the comments I got! And I’m pleasantly surprised it survived being bounced around by people so much XD. The bad part was... it was hard to get out of, I couldn’t go to the bathroom without someone else with me to help me out of it (omg thank you so much Ash, you’re so nice for putting up with me all weekend! T-T <3) and it was pretty hard to sit in chairs with it on, since the tail took up most of the chair XD

Archer posted on 16 June, 2010 - 20:25
Can't wait to see this :D Your design is just so cute ^_^

UnaSpi posted on 14 July, 2010 - 15:34
Awesome ears~! Keep it up :D:D:D:D

Archer posted on 20 August, 2010 - 18:52
Loved this costume :D You looked so cute Iggie ^_^ You need to get some pics up lol.

cowiee posted on 3 December, 2010 - 01:30
Dayum, you look so adorable!

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