Konan (Konan from the Akatsuki) - Naruto Shippuuden





I chose to be her cos my mates said i was a bit like her and would make a good Konan.

The hardest part was the bloody wig. I ordered the wig from Cosplaymagic.com and when i got it just after a few days the bun came undone :(

So i had to keep redoing it but it still kept coming undone and finally for the May Expo i made the bun perfect and rock solid :)

Easiest was getting the outfit from cosplaymagic.com - good quilty

I learned from this wig can be annoying!

When i wore it, i got really hot cos of the black cloak but i had two zips so i could half undo it. Other then that it was very comfatble to wear.


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