Team Rocket Grunt - Pokemon




Originally used in May 2009 but was thrown together very quickly. I decided to sort it for May 2010.
I'm crap at making things, though am slowly learning, So this costume i bought the stuff for.
It's a very simple and fairly common costume, To the point where i dont think you need me to describe what the parts are haha.
The only thing i had different was my Gym badges stuck to my had and my Team Rocket Pokeball, (Made for me by the lovely Wilterdrose!).
I'm never happy with any pictures of the costume as i always misplace the gloves, which are one of its best features, so they never turn up in pictures ¬_¬ Damn my stupid brain....


Anonymous posted on 19 September, 2010 - 14:15
It was nice meeting you at expo :) I'm the togepi! :D