Pokemon Diamond/pearl

Cosplayer: Elorwin

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 13th April 2008
Hitmonlee pwns Blissey :P

Anime_Angel avatar

Anime_Angel - 23rd April 2008
Awwww you look sooooo cute^_^

please say you'll do that cosplay at the expo next month^_^

Uni avatar

Uni - 23rd April 2008
o wow i did not know you were dressing up as a Pokemon Gijinka for ReCon!! can't wait to see you there!!!

stripey_dani avatar

stripey_dani - 23rd April 2008
Gwah sooo cute!

I want to see the Egg! ^^

Nocturnal Blossom avatar

Nocturnal Blossom - 24th April 2008
Wow, you look sooo cute! Pink! <3