Marlene - Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children





NightmareWings posted on 11 June, 2010 - 20:36
You will look amazing as her! I might, might! do a cloud or Vincent cosplay at some point in my life.

FuriePhoenix posted on 11 June, 2010 - 20:37
aww thank you hun! This cosplay is gonna be fun to do! and you so should! If you do vincent I can hide behind your cloak lmao!

Zelda posted on 28 September, 2010 - 18:04
Nawww so cute hehe just epic!

Bambi. posted on 28 September, 2010 - 18:11
Eeeeeeeeeee this is gonna be adorable! Be sure you arm yourself with materia just in case Loz comes! ^^

FusionRose posted on 28 September, 2010 - 18:12
This will be awesome hun, really looking forward to it x.

FuriePhoenix posted on 14 October, 2010 - 18:02
Aww thanks guys!!! I hope I can figure out when to do Marlene!! @Bambi- OMG YES!!!! I will DEFINITELY make some materia incase of any Loz cosplayers!!!

Progress Journal

14th October 2010


Because of the lovely Bambi saying what she has in her comment on this cosplay, I have decided to DEFINITELY make some different materia spheres when I cosplay Marlene!!!

Thanks Bambi!!