Fuuma Monou - X/1999





...Because I have SUCH an awesome Kamui, that's why. ;D

This is unlikely to get done for some time (since I have a HUGE list of other cosplays that need doing first x'D) but I couldn't NOT add him after my Kamui went ahead and made a start on things. <3

Likely to do the standard 'uniform' version first since the jacket and everything should be quite simple to complete, but I /ADORE/ a lot of the artwork versions, so may just end up doing one of them at some point too. *pokes Kamui to join me* x'D

This manga SO needs more love. 8'D


BladeyCakes posted on 5 June, 2010 - 18:43
Awesome Kamui?! LIIIIEEEEESSSS~!! *flails at you* You didnt have to add him yet if you didnt want to/have too much else to do still my dear Fuuma!!! 8'D <333 *cling* I only added Kamui because I'm obsessed xD lol ...BUT HOT DAMN. You're gonna be such an epically smexy and nommable Fuuma that I shall be one happy Kamui ;D (which is a very rare thing xD) Cant wait to do these guys! It'll be so epically cracky, subtexty and win! >8D ANDARTWORKVERSIONSTOO?! HECKYEAH~ <333 *waits for you to point out which ones you'd like to do... and lists her own favourites* BD SO MUCH LOVE!!

Getti posted on 14 June, 2010 - 11:58
Now I know who the hell Fuuma is, FUUUUUMA! *cling* You'll be EPIC as Fuuma! Tall, dark and sexy types being your style? XD *pokes Gil, Xanxus and Hakkai. And Sebastian. And Gle-* Never mind. You'll be so much win and can't wait to see! It'll be so funny seeing you and Nahnah crack up two of the most emo-worthy characters xDDD