Shinobu (Killer Mode) - Shiju Hachi





I doubt many have heard of this game - my BF introduced me to it. It's a Japanese horror game that takes urbun legends (aparently) from each province in Japan. Here's the official site (japanese):
And here's an english wiki-type-thing about it:

One story in the game covers a student gaining a job at Famitsu and in one of the story branches, he is tasked to play a game in order to write about it. He becomes addicted to the game (which is like an MMO chat) and grows attached to one of the game characters called 'Shinobu'. Creepy things start happening in real life, and the game character Shinobu starts being really demanding and jealous. She starts reacting to things happening in the real world until the main character goes crazy - he starts seeing her outside of the game! She then turns homocidal. Nice girl :)

Anyway, it was hilarious to watch because it was so bad. It won a WORST game award in Japan and is quite famous for being rubbish over there :) My BF and myself watched a Japanese playthrough vid over at Nico Nico (Japanese video site)and the two guys (Calling themselves Dark Luigi and Dark Mario) playing it were very very funny with their commentories (which obviously contributed to it's popularity on Nico Nico). Another thing they made funny in the game... Tororo and giving the character's silly voices when they read out the dialogue. I'll attach screenshots :)

This won't be known to the masses in the UK at all - but I loved how rubbish 48(Shiju Hachi) was and I'm going to do it!

The uniform seems plausible to make from a white jacket and I just need a black wig, white shirt, red tie and contacts + school-type skirt, socks etc. I'll use blood splatters and such for the murderous rampage look :)


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