Ashanti (Mid-transformation) - The Sea (comic)


London MCM Expo Oct 2009

Cosplay shortlist




This is a character from the amazing, nautical indie comic by my friend Will Kirkby. I highly recommend it - he sells it every year at MCM expo(and sell well!)

This character is a kick-arse warrior lady called Ashanti. She has a mysterious power of transformation - which she gains four arms! She uses multiple swords in combat and can called amazing beats to aid her. Find out more in 'The Sea'!

This was a tough. I've never made a costume with extra limbs before and I wanted them to all move when I moved my own arms. I ended up creating something similar to that of puppets, basically attaching the arms to my own. Each arm had two cardboard tubes for the forearm and upper arm and a soft foam ball for the elbo joint. For the hands, I used the cardboard that came with the gloves I used as a base and padded it up with cotten pads. It was the lightest solution I could come up with at the time. To attach the arms to the body, I bought a black leotard and used the arms for that to accomdate my fake arms and then simply wore a pair of black leggings for my actual arms :) I covered everthing up with the clothing so it was well hidden!

All my arms moved together and I scared a number of those pesky free hugs people - ha!


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