Belarus - Natalia Arlofskaya ((RETIRED)) - Axis Powers Hetalia


Russia's younger sister, who wishes to marry him someday (though he fears her). She is shown to have a harsh and intimidating demeanor, and despises Lithuania, who happens to have a crush on her. Belarus does not like the idea of anyone else being around her brother, and tends to remain at his side to threaten those that come near



Photoshoot with Acoustica

snow photoshoot in Dunfermline Glen Pavillion


Sasashie posted on 4 June, 2010 - 22:25
realy lookingforward to this as its girly but evil all at once lolz plus its the 1st time neil and i will be doing people from the same anime xx

Cobranose posted on 5 June, 2010 - 17:19
I'm gonna be Italy... which means I get to be cowardly and hungry all at once! I seem to be making a habit of costumes of characters with special relationships with food.

Anonymous posted on 22 June, 2010 - 18:43
Hehe, yay food obsessed characters XD

Sasashie posted on 22 June, 2010 - 19:02
looking forward to earing this as its so girly yet propper so nothing like what i usualy wear lolz

Clover-tan posted on 11 October, 2010 - 17:43
Yay, Belarus~! ^^ Lucky that I'm cosplaying as China and not Russia XD

Sasashie posted on 11 October, 2010 - 19:15
lolz im sure there will be pleanty of Russia's to chase about asking for them to marry me XD

Shigeako posted on 14 January, 2011 - 00:35
very cool Belarus! it's fun to see the same charas in different countries :3 Bela FTW! (you have so many Ivans around you! cant you share some of them with me? ;DDD)

Sasashie posted on 20 January, 2011 - 00:05
ty so much i love Belarus ^^ i suppose i could share with you lolz xx

Anonymous posted on 29 January, 2011 - 17:33
OMG the pic with you and all the Russia's was cracking me up you looked so oober happy hahaha

Sasashie posted on 30 January, 2011 - 16:15
i was super happy as i had a small fan girl crush on Ivan xx

JustPeachy posted on 26 May, 2011 - 14:59
This is so cute :D Yay Belarus! Lovely set of pictures too!

Sasashie posted on 26 May, 2011 - 15:08
ty so much, the darker photos were taken in the snow it was freezing lolz

7th July 2010

A bit to girly for me

i know i love glitter beads and feathers but i have never done a respectable high necked covered up cosplay b4 and its a change for me even tho Belarus has the same personality as me at times so im realy looking forward to this im curently making a 3 layered petticoat to fluff up her dress i decided to to this rather than use a hooped skirt as they are so uncomfortable to sit down in so im going for comfort as well as style i have found simple plain black strapped pupms for this cosplay which i will be adding a few strips of ribbon to them in the belarus flag colours the ribbon will also attached to her knife and the back bow of her dress

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