Trish - Devil May Cry 1




Trish from the original Devil May Cry.

I'm really excited about this one!!


My__RoadOfBlood posted on 18 June, 2010 - 13:56
Ahhh Trish 8D Can't wait to see this!

gaming_goddess posted on 13 July, 2010 - 22:30
Trish is amazing! Can't wait to see this one complete :D

PaperTiger posted on 16 October, 2010 - 17:34
hay, just thought I'd let you know about the dmc gathering on saturday if you wanna come and get it all done its all on this thread here

winry posted on 28 October, 2010 - 22:26
Hey thanks for that. My friend (who's cosplaying Dante) already let me know about this. Look forward to seeing you all on Sat!! :D

cutekittyichigo posted on 20 December, 2010 - 02:46
You look absolutely fantastic! Me and my boyfriend are doing DMC1 dante and trish in a couple of months to Midlands MCM and seeing you guys cosplays has really inspired me more! :) xxx

Mangamad posted on 28 February, 2011 - 10:57
Coolness of Trish cosplay. ^o^

Progress Journal

26th July 2010

Trish shopping trip :D

Went to Camden and managed to get the leather trousers and some boots ^_^
Also bought some of those toy guns from the party shop there :)

So I'm getting there :D

Next is to try to buy the belt and glasses online and get some spray paint for the guns!