Saber - Fate/Stay Night (anime)




Fate/Stay Night had almost a monopoly on me and female characters, and Saber is one of my favourites... sadly, despite being one of my most labour-intensive costumes (All that ribbon trim was sewn on by hand, I'll have you know) it was also one of my first attempts at pattern drafting, the wig was a disaster, and I was very unhappy with the final result. In a year or two I shall probably attempt Saber again, but this costume is being permanently retired.


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Progress Journal

2nd August 2010

She Haunts Me!

Brain, you and I need to TALK!

I have five cosplays planned for October Expo - one of which is Uncanny Lacrimosa, who might as well be reclassified as a civil works project - and I probably need to think about the Cosplay Ball if I'm really planning to go. I do not need another project bigger than charity shop diving for casual Hetalia characters.

But I have nothing better to do for a few months, when I will have money to start buying fabric again, and here, somewhere, is a whole lot of blue suiting left over from the first time I attempted Saber. And it's a LOT of suiting.

My first incarnation was abysmal - this was when I was still learning how to make patterns from copying bits off existing ones, before I'd got a proper block made up - and that's haunted me, because I love the character and I love the costume, and it made me sad that it didn't turn out like I wanted. But why does my brain have to pick NOW to want to try again?

Just because I can't start on any of my Expo costumes until the end of August at the earliest. Just because I have the time, the inclination and most of the materials. Sheesh.

It actually occurred to me that an interesting costume for the Ball, if I go (Various options have been thrown around - Granado Espada, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Pandora Hearts, or something original) might be an original Saber alternate. Something that's a formal, more elaborate, 'State function' version of her regular outfit, as befitting her regal spoilery alternate self. In blue velvet and white tafetta, with lots and lots of gold details, and probably a cloak and crown. It would be a nice change for me to do something medieval rather than Victorian or Oriental inspired.

But that doesn't solve my dilemma over what to do with all this blue suiting! Tch.