Sora (Halloween Town) - kingdom hearts




I adore Halloween Town Sora, I have ever since I started playing the game, and so I thought, "What better character to start cosplaying as... in October!"
The hardest part was probably the keyblade. It took weeks to make, and it was very tiring waiting for the glue and such to dry. It was paper maché, you see (is that spelt right?)
The wings were annoying and very last minute. We couldn't work out a quick way of doing them, so my Mum sewed some black material over wire, basically. They were evil and everyone hated them :|
The wig was a pain in the butt too, it was itchy and we just couldn't get it to look right, no matter what we did.
The rest of the costume was super easy. It was just basic sewing (by hand*, I hadn't used a sewing machine at this point). I wish I'd spent more time on it, and I'll probably remake it at one point.

I got asked for quite a few pictures and was rather overwhelmed to be honest :| It was my first cosplay event and I wasn't expecting it xD;;

* I probably should have been more clear there! Most of my costume was just old clothes. By hand sewn, I only mean the grey top and the white material over the jacket-like thing... I'm not that good >.


ryaoki posted on 11 April, 2008 - 23:44
omg loves it im gonna do this at some point aswell hun

Monkey posted on 12 April, 2008 - 00:34
I remember seeing you and I asked for a picture! *waves* Your outfit was so cool and I can't believe you hand-sewed it and made it out of old bits of material! The keyblade is awesome and made of win! ^^ Love it to pieces! :D

animeaddict posted on 14 April, 2008 - 16:57
hand sewed??? 0.0 how is that possible? it is very good, one day i hope to be that good at sewing (it will never happen) amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!