Halo 3

Cosplayer: MasterJh117

Variant: Recon

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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21st August 2010: Progress! :D Believe it or not, everybody, but i'm actually making progress! :P It's not so much that it deserves it's own picture...But i have a feeling you guys will be looking at a finished Recon helmet in about...a week? Yeah, a week. :P My better half is currently pepping the chest piece for me whilst i crack on with the helmet. Got so much to do in such little time! Need it done in... -checks calendar-... 23 days!!! I'll be attempting to wear it to the Halo: Reach midnight release, at my local Gamestation. Hopefully that means i'll get some pics of it out and about, mingling with gamer nerds :P
But, i'm not gunna make anyone any promises. If it's not done by Reach, it's no real biggy. I'll just have to make sure it's finished for October :D

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Anonymous - 3rd June 2010
Thanks, yea i did notice i was missing a small peice of detail on the helmet. i looked online for weeks to find my undersuit, i also couldnt help noticing you are missing panels from the inside of your legs, lots of detail on the outside and missing details on the shins.. i can link you to a good dremel from ebay if you like?..... :)

heres a start to finding your undersuit man. " "

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Ragepotato - 3rd June 2010
Thanks for that, I did happen to notice I was missing that little part on the top, But i'm sure you'll realize that with a 5 month deadline you wont be able to achieve every detail yourself.
Theres many details missing on Dare such as her name across the chestplate and the UNSC logo there, the ONI symbol and 035 on the side of the helmet, the cameo on the thighs, the backpack and the ODST pistol as well and my gloves being far from accurate =) I wouldn't be a die-hard halo fan if I didn't notice myself.

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Ashika - 3rd June 2010
The inside pieces on the thigh are going to be made slightly differently to make it easier for poor masterjh to move! We decided not to pep and resin those bits.
Any added detail to the armor will be done with filler eg. the three holes on the gloves etc. He is a perfectionist so all will be perfect and as accurate as we can make it :)
It will be a very busy summer!!
(sorry for taking over and spamming your account hunny x)

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MasterJh117 - 3rd June 2010
It's okay :) Thanks for the comments, people :) As Ashika said, the armor will all be detailed during the filler stage which won't be for atleast a little while because we're still finishing the original pepping :P

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Anonymous - 4th June 2010
Good Choice my good Friend.

As for your comment on my ODST no, No more halo for me anytime soon D:

October I'm doing Army of Two with the same guy that did the other ODST costume. Then the other day I'm doing the uh, guy from Stupid Deaths on Horrible HIstories.

Why? Because I can :3

Hope to see you again though!

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Anonymous - 12th July 2010
Hey dude, you might want to find a way to beef up those legs :O i used kevlar & Foam bike trousers...

the armour dosnt sit to nicely on legs ...

also find a way to make your boots flex in the middle. i wasnt aware of this as an issue untill i ended up with a hole in the back of my leg.

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MasterJh117 - 12th July 2010
Argh, i see what you mean...That picture makes my legs look paper thin. I assure you, my legs aren't that thin. They ARE thin but definitely not as thin as that pictures makes it seem O.o

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Anonymous - 22nd July 2010
i know the feeling dude, im a fair build guy and thaught i have big legs... but i lost allot of weight in the time i built my costume and at the end of it i had to get padded trousers because my legs just looked so silly.

try your hardest to get some good trousers :) you dont want to rewin your costume to a silly thing like wrong body shape XD.. easily fixed.

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MasterJh117 - 23rd July 2010
It doesn't really bother me...The armour will cover my body, we're adding padding and trying to adjust to fit my body...Also, as i said, that picture makes my legs look a lot skinnier than they are...They ARE skinny but they're not that bad...It'll work, trust me :) Thanks for your concern and the advice, though :)

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Anonymous - 17th August 2010
Looking good so far :) By the way there "may" be two ODST'ers coming with me in october, if you wanted us to follow you around in your group or something, just give us a hollar, we're nice people, really :)

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MasterJh117 - 17th August 2010
That'd be awesome. You on the MCM forums? Halo Cosplayers have a thread up on the cosplay bit of the october section :) I'm pretty sure that my "group" (me and my girlfriend) would find it super awesome to hang out with you guys for atleast a little bit :P

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Silantre - 26th September 2010
Whoa! Go Mr. Detail king! That looks amazingly complex o.0, I bow down to your patience.

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Anonymous - 25th November 2010

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steph1060 - 6th December 2010
this is brillient! hopefully mine will turn out as goiod as yours lol

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Defrain - 8th April 2011
dude why did i not see you walking around the outfit is simpley amazing