Taiga Aisaka - ToraDora!




Man, I love ToraDora so much. The ending was a bit out of nowhere, but it was still kinda sweet. I adore Taiga, and we have a little bit in common, haha. I've wanted to cosplay as her since I first saw ToraDora sometime in 2009, yet it kept on getting put off. Suddenly realised I hadn't put her up on cosplay island so I'm putting her up now!


I'm going to be commissioning this costume from http://www.papercranes.co.uk/ - I know I can make the costume but for some reason I just don't feel up to it. Shido is an amazing seamstress and I know that the blazer and skirt she makes will be top quality so I'm looking forward to seeing it once it's done!


cowiee posted on 18 July, 2011 - 02:03
Oooo! Can't wait to see! Toradora! is amazing!! <3

CrystalNeko posted on 7 December, 2011 - 20:51
You are such an amazing Taiga! You portray her badass attitude so well!

No thanks posted on 7 December, 2011 - 23:21
all my love <3

JustPeachy posted on 8 December, 2011 - 18:19
You make such an awesome Taiga! :D

street-angel posted on 8 December, 2011 - 23:01
Dayum but don't you look stunning in these photos

cowiee posted on 8 December, 2011 - 23:02
Awww, you suit Taiga more than i did! Wig defiantly suits you though! Beautiful Taiga, got her image right and everything!

nanahara posted on 9 December, 2011 - 18:21
you look soooooooooo awsome and cute XD, and you certainly suit Taiga perfectly

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