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Amecon 2010


The most expensive part of this is the bullet belt, which cost just over £25!
The holster belt was the cheapest part, followed by the fabrics.
Luckily I already had most of the buttons needed, and a suitable tie, gloves and shoes. As for the hat, I customised one I already had which appeared to be the right shape. Didn't need to buy fabric for this since I had some left over from last year.

My two main nightmares with this costume were
1) Managing to rip the shirt whilst opening buttonholes. Lesson learnt: hemming tape is amazing; use scissors regardless of what sewing machine manual says
2) Sewing machine messing up and stitching really loosely. Lesson learnt: ignore what the manual says and just change the needle.
(Overall, the lesson learnt from this seems to be 'don't trust the manual' doesn't it!)

Making the basic jacket wasn't too time-consuming; it was making everything to put onto it that took time! I had to make each strap individually. I did this by cutting strips of vinyl twice the width I wanted, then gluing down the middle and folding it over (so the strap would be flatter at the finish) and leaving it to dry. Then I sewed the edge and voila!
The straps on the cuffs were also time-consuming, since I had to not only make them, but hand-sew loops onto the sleeves to thread them through!

The hat was the easiest part, even though it did take ages to hand-sew the edges of the fabric I used! The skirt was probably second-easiest, though it ended up being a little too big and kept riding up all day. Oo-er! Also the skirt and the holster belt kept sliding around on my hips. The straps on the legs kept falling down too; not sure what I could have done about that short of gluing them to myself!

1000014 posted on 20 June, 2010 - 02:02
Aw how nice. I wont be seeing it person though! :<

Buy fabric
Make jacket pattern
Find tie
Find gloves
Buy bullet belt
Buy holster
Buy tights
Make hat
Make miniskirt
Make jacket
Buy toy gun
Make leg straps

Total cost: £0.00

1st July 2010

Hats Off to Hoarding

After wondering how to make the hat...I found a suitable one amidst the myriad of hats that live in my closet. Hurrah! Always knew that hanging onto stuff would come in useful! The hat is customised appropriately now--took about five minutes to attach the extra fabric (organdie) but several hours to hand-sew the edges!

24th June 2010

The most obvious

After struggling with my evil sewing machine (which was stitching loosely) and none of the troubleshooting suggestions working...the needle snapped. I replaced it, and lo and behold, it's sewing fine! What...???? Thanks to it working again, I finished the jacket today, hooray! I added the buttons on the epaulettes, and the straps at the top and bottoms of the sleeves. The straps on the cuffs all had to be sewn on by hand, which was fiddly.

20th June 2010


Hemmed jacket today and added sleeves and button holes... but.... .....when I was opening the button holes, the seam ripper slipped and ripped the jacket. ARGHHHH, that was hours of work! No way in hell I'm redoing it all though--I don't have the time or the money. T_T I'll repair it as best I can, though hopefully the damage will be hidden behind the tie. I really can't believe I did it! Also managed to break a button, serves me right for being lazy and trying to use that function on the sewing machine D=

19th June 2010

Sewing machine of doom

Slacked off a lot on this costume up until now, but today I spent another 4-5 hours working on it! I began the jacket; what I have so far lacks sleeves or buttons or anything other than a collar! Sewing machine started messing up though, and the troubleshooting in the manual was no help, which is a pain. Must fix it somehow...

9th June 2010

Progress babbling

Really got started on this costume today! (I don't really count buying things as starting.) I made the mini skirt, which took about 3 hours from drawing out the pieces to cutting off the loose threads at the end. Realised there are straps sewn into the skirt so put those in too. With some of the accessories for this costume I've had a bit of luck--I have a suitable tie that came with the tie I bought for a previous cosplay, the gloves are from a previous cosplay, and the shoes I'll wear are a pair I've had for years (which again, I used for a previous cosplay!) Am busy for the next few days, but hopefully I can get the jacket started at the weekend!

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