Ward Zabac (Plain Clothed) - Final Fantasy VIII




Well I like FFVIII and I decided to go with a character I kind of resemble. If scaled down a bit hahaha!

All that I made for this cosplay was the Anchor and the bandana. I got the green pants from ebay along with the white vest. I lent my Dads brown boots (I now have a pair for myself) and the bracers were also purchased off of ebay.

The anchor was made from six pringle tubes, taped together with masking taped and the paper maché'd. The anchor head was made from two cardboard mounting boards and the newspaper stuffed between them. There was a little cylindrical bit underneath it so it could be slotted into the top of the pringle tube! The bottom loop was made from the top of a cake tub with cardboard and yet more newspaper placed about it. All of that was paper maché and spray painted. This was my very first cosplay prop andwas quite durable. The anchor was in three parts: the bottom which consisted of the loop and three tubes, the middle which consisted of another three tubes and the top which was just the anchor head. The bottom and middle sections simply screwed together (I used small bolts and taped the nuts on the inside of the pringle tubes. I had to squish the middle section a bit where it slotted into the bottom section but it was hardly noticeable!

None of thise cosplay was hard to make. Transporting that anchor was a bit difficult though! The easiest part was buying most of the things off of Ebay. I'm no good with sewing or materials. All I did for the bandana was buy a sheet of soft blue fabric and cut a piece out.

I learnt that I wanted to create something more difficult and thus went onto create Ward's Galbadian armour out of cardboard, mesh etc.

It was great when I wore it althoguh the vest may have been a little too tight. Then again Ward's quite chubby too XD


GoldieNeko posted on 2 June, 2010 - 15:06
I remember seeing this in Oct 09! EPIIIIIIIIIC!!!!