Death The Kid (In his travel coat (away from shibusen)) - Soul Eater




Planning on constructing the cloak that Death The Kid wears when he's away from Shibusen on reaper bussiness, first seen shortly before his battle aboard Nidhogg against the Flying Dutchman and Crona

I chose to make this cosplay as I prefer the imagery of Death The Kid in his cloak as he looks more like his father, Lord Death. Looking at it I think that the hardest bit is going to be the flared bits at the ends of the cloak, they're small areas of torn looking fabric that flow outwards, much like the images of Lord Death (shinigami) in his past, more menacing self.

I'm also planning on building the headpiece and mask from my reference image using a fez I have at home, and just attach the mask to the front, and a cowl to the rear and sides ensuring that the rest of my wig is covered, as Death The Kid's hair is not visible when he's wearing the mask and hood (which I find easier to make as a headpiece as the hood will need a solid form).

ultimately I think that the skeleton of many of the aspects is going to be made out of wire mesh (with the sharp bits filed and bent back so it's not dangerous to people) with some re-inforced elements made from something more rigid like plastic

Ultimately this is probably going to take some time as it's quite ambitious for a first time cosplay build, but hopefully I can make it happen :)


Clover-tan posted on 6 June, 2010 - 18:48
Oh cool~! :D I bet it'll be awesome >__< I'm going there as Chrona. ^__^

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