Cho Hakkai - Saiyuki Reload





...I was totally, completely harassed into this one. AND I'M /SO/ OKAY WITH IT. 8D Hakkai is so freakin SEXY (and tragic. I have a habit of picking characters like that, no? x'D). Have only just got into Saiyuki (late much?) but am really loving it, and so can't wait to cosplay this whenever we decide to do them!

To go with my epic win Sanzo, x-Blade-x (you shall pull him off, so don't say you won't! *pokes...and hands newspaper* ^w^) and our adorable Goku, Getti! <3

I'll find a way to make Hakuryu/Jeep to go with this, since it will just add to the adorable. 8D


BladeyCakes posted on 1 June, 2010 - 18:37
WHO'S GONNA BE A SEXY HAKKAI?! 8DDDD *pokes* ...if you guessed yourself, you get a candy, and one free Sanzo hug! >;D SO GLAD THAT I COULD HARASS YOU INTO THIS. FOR IT SHALL BE EPIC AND I SHALL SQUEE AND IT SHALL BE GOOD. *thumbsup* (yes, you got into it very late ;D but its epic is timeless, so no worries >8D lol) Cant wait to do these guys~ whenever that is ^^' since I know you're gonna look so freakin amazing as Hakkai *___* <33 (and thank you, though I still worry over Sanzo xD lol) Make Hakuryu so we can all get a crackshot of us sitting on it! xD INTO THE SUNSET, JEEP!! *shot* LOVE!! <333

Getti posted on 1 June, 2010 - 19:49
HNNNNG YAY! Hakkai! Everyone's so smexy >< You'll be a gigantic WIN Hakkai! EEP! I can't wait to see how you do it, and to cuddle Jeep <33 Black hair suits you so you'll pull him off epically ;D This is going to be such a fun group. For once with correct heights...? XD SO MUCH LOVE for doing Hakkai! And just in general! <33