Franziska von Karma - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All




Originally this was going to be part of a PW group that me and some friends from school were going to make, but most of them pulled out for various reasons (mainly laziness though. Gits. xD) but by the time I heard about this, I'd started with Franziska. Not that it would have stopped me though, I love her character and my best friend had been bugging me for literally a year and a half (or so) to cosplay her because apparently I suit her. After playing the games and getting to know her character better I finally acquised, and here I am 8D

Well, I adored wearing this to expo, even if it wasn't 100% finished (was still sewing on the morning, so eventually said screw it and went as is. May finish it properly at some point in the future, but for now it's being stuck as complete). Met some amazing other PW cosplayers, including the best damn Manfred von Karma I've ever seen, Bratworth, the Gavin brothers, Ron DeLite... I could go on. Everyone was lovely and I had a fantastic time, so mega kudos to them <3 Didn't have the whip though, which annoyed me to hell and back, but ah well. Next time, maybe.

(photos taken from other people cause I didn't bring my camera with me like a tard.)

Costume details:
-black fabric isn't the nicest in the world, but it's got a good feel to it and I got it discount.
-That shirt. And those sleeves. I actually had hissy fits at the fabric because it was too hard. (at time of writing, haven't actually finished it yet, either 8D;)
-Borrowed a wig from my bestie, who'd done Sailor Mercury in the past.


Lady-Aira posted on 31 October, 2010 - 16:05
Found you Imposter! I loved your costume hun it was brilliant!! and yay for Primark Franziska boots X3 I got mine from there too!

Sorceress-Eiva posted on 31 October, 2010 - 17:17
8D Thankiiiiies, and you're the imposter you fool, how many times do i have to say it XD

Telly posted on 1 November, 2010 - 20:57
You did a great job with the waistcoat! :) Let me know if you ever need to make puffy sleeves again, I can help you! ^^

Sorceress-Eiva posted on 1 November, 2010 - 22:05
Thanks so much! It pales compared to yours though, haha, you made a fantastic outfit (even if I didn't see you walking around :C). And if I ever remake Franny I will totally bear that in mind, that's so generous of you. <33

Progress Journal

27th October 2010


Okay so with what, two days left to go until expo I figured that it might be a good idea to tackle those damn sleeves again. They are now sewed onto the body of the shirt, but they're not fantastic - they just won't stand up by themselves and they look pretty weedy, to be honest. However, they have a lot of potential to poof out, so I think on the day I'm just gonna wad them up using leftover materials or something similar, 'cause that worked in balling them out when I tried them on earlier. After getting that done I have so little left to do, it's such a relief :D

26th October 2010


Found the perfect pair of shoes today in Primark for £15, so I snapped 'em up. One size too big, but I can always stuff them.

17th September 2010


AHAHAHA SKIRT IS FINISHED MOFOS. Granted, it didn't take me too long, but it's a victory nonetheless! Made from the same material as the jacket (they both need a wash. At least it was discount), it's got some give to it so I'll be able to move, thankfully. I think the only thing I'mma worry about with this is the slit in the back - never worn one of those skirts before, let alone a mini! - and if the popper comes undone, but it doesn't seem too likely. |D

11th September 2010


Went back and since I'm not talking to my shirt fabric atm, decided to start work on the actual black jacket part. It's now completely made, asides from the ribbon and buttons that have yet to be put on (and of course, the poppers/whatever I'll use to use to attach it). Very happy with it; took a while to get the fit right, but I managed to sew in the sides and the darts a couple of times, and now it fits quite snugly against my waist. Which is good, considering how snugly Franny's jacket is.
Happy 8D
Wish my computer's bluetooth wasn't being prissy so I could upload a picture.

18th August 2010


Right, so I bought the base fabric for this today, feels awesome~ got some discounted black stuff ('cause it was dusty and had a hole in it somewhere) which feels lovely - not too heavy, not too light, sort-of stretchy and not rough - and some really, really nice white cotton which feels sort of canvassy. These'll make up the shirt under the suit, and the jacket and skirt. Also got some interfacing to make the bow with; it's stiff enough to stand up by itself. Might go back and get some more for the cuffs, too. Finally bought some ribbon (like 3m of the stuff, it better be enough).

Also started altering pattern. Used a Butterick pattern for smart shirts (that I used for Refia before) and drew it out on scrapbook paper before altering the front - made the neckline plunge more and made the arrow-y bits - as well as changing the sleeve so the top (both cap and hem) will puff out. Looks like it'll all go well, too. Hoping to go back to mum's in a couple of days and finish drafting/altering patterns then and start sewing.