Salt - Little Snow Fairy Sugar


AmeCon 2006




This was my first cosplay, and I didn't make it, my sister did.... all I contributed was sewing the 2 suns (on the hat and bag) and the bag... which were terribly easy lol... oh and I "styled" the wig... which was crap haha!
I'm aware of how terrible I look in all these pictures, please don't remind me =__= I only put this up cos I felt a bit pathetic only having 1 complete costume, so until I have more this will remain here to embarass me :)


stripey_dani posted on 9 April, 2008 - 18:22
Squeeeeee! That is so damn cute :3 Love that series ^^

Monkey posted on 9 April, 2008 - 19:08
That's a really cute outfit! And I love the giant pencil! ^^

Holbert posted on 9 April, 2008 - 19:38
Thank you! ^^