Celebi (Gijinka) - Pokemon





Making it with the rest of my uni buddies going as Pokemon Gijinka for the Southampton Recon!

I always wanted a Celebi pokemon *shakes fist* darn the English versions not being able to get it unless we went to special events - I even wanted to go to Japan at one point so I could go to one of the special gatherings that gave it to you! Hehe.

I think Celebi is so cute though! And the hair was the thing that finalised me wanting to cosplay it, cos come on, its awesome! ^^

[29th April]
Wore my cosplay to Recon. Was so much fun and had a real laugh! I think I got plenty of odd looks thanks to my hair (I got to say: "My hair has the power to defy gravity!" soooo many times! XD). I think people were surprised to see a pokemon group haha! The outfit was really comfortable to wear, though I did keep accidently poking people with the wings! Oh well! ^^;
(Photos to come soon!)

Completed - FINISHED:
Face paint - 100%
Shorts - 100%
Green Tights - 100%
Shoes - 100%
Shirt - 100%
Hair Gel - 100%
Wings - 100%

[28th April]
Finished! Whoop-whoop! Muchos sewing on the wings, but now they're sorted out properly. Looking forward to wearing this tomorrow night! ^^ Photos once I've got the outfit and hair all sorted ^^

[26th April]
Wings sooooo close to being finished, just need to be sewn on a little bit more to make them stronger!

[17th April]
Finshed the wings - or nearly have, just need to attach some elastic so I can actually wear them! Put the green bice binding about the collar and the cuffs, and am starting to put it about the bottom zig-zag bits too. Other than that, I'm all finished ^^

[15th April]
Put some nice little green lining about the collar and cuffs of the shirt as well as making the zig-zag shapes of them. Still need to do the green lining at the bottom of the shirt but that shouldn't take too long. Also the wings are partially done too! Have their first base of tissue paper on and then need another coat just to be a bit more stable, then I just need to fix some elastic or something on them to wear them properly ^^ yay!

[14th April]
Completed the shirt - or the base of it anyway - it was a lot easier to make than the shorts that's for sure! But I really liked making it, its cute and has puffy sleeves haha! Although I did make it a little tight about the hips, which isn't good, but seeing as the bottom is zig-zaggy anyway I know that won't be a problem when its finished. :) So yeah that's what I've done today, now to start with the details! ^^ Pictures to come very soon!

[13th April]
Decided to scrap the wig idea, am now going to do my own hair instead - I think it'll look better that way anyway. ^^ Also finished the shorts! They're a little uncomfortable to wear but considering I had A) No patterns to use or B) No old shorts to use as patterns, and C) No experience of ever making my own shorts EVER it was an interesting experience. Haha a bit of guess-work and redoing the bits that went funny. Haha. But I think they're pretty cute and not bad considering :)

[8th April 2008]
Have been busily working at making the wig, decided I would sort out the basics of that first then see about attacking the material in hope to make something that looks kinda like the picture. Anyway, started styling the wig, have been working on the front antennai (sp? o.o) bits first with lots of hairspray and hairdrying into getting it the right shape. Hehe at the moment it looks like it has blonde horns lol.


Hexi posted on 13 April, 2008 - 19:38
ooh. this'll be cool! i love celebi! >w<

Nocturnal Blossom posted on 18 April, 2008 - 09:50
It looks sooo good! I especially love the trousers ^^

Uni posted on 18 April, 2008 - 16:36
woooo.. its coming along!

kimpey posted on 17 May, 2008 - 16:29
we need more group shots >_-