Night Elf Druid (Wildheart Armour) - World of Warcraft





Not much to say about this cosplay, just that it is now quite a few years old and was my second ever costume to be made ^^.

If you want to see progress pictures just shout ^^


FruityKyuubi posted on 19 October, 2010 - 03:17
Your Incredible. I love the detail. *0*

HatsuneHawke posted on 23 April, 2011 - 15:07
i can't believe i never commented on this DX *goes down memory lane* I remember seeing you in this and and met you for the very first time where i cornered you in the expo hall and we had pics taken together and talked about geeky stuff =P swapping user names before heading in our own directions xD and little did you know that was to begin the ever annoying trail of friendship =D all because of your epic cosplay!

DizzieDee posted on 18 December, 2012 - 20:35
awesome attention to detail, and epic gallery ^^