Dr Faust - Guilty Gear XX





Worn at Tokonatsu '09 - added to Cosplay Fever Deviant art.

This was a fun one that I realy got in character for, getting used to hunkering down in his stance and pulling off one of his win poses in the masqurade.

Was helped imensely in making this by my good friend Jord/Valryx who assisted in assembling the coat.

Once again, this was me with a bag on my head which seems to be a trend. getting to Toko I found that the bag would fall forwards when I crouched down so I had to weighten the back of it with thick card strips taped to the inside.

I also made a little round blaster bomb so I could perform the 'what is this?' attack from the games and threw it to some friends planted in the audience during the masqurade.

I am planning to use this again at Auchinawa '10.


Bambi. posted on 25 November, 2010 - 23:07
TUT! why no comments?! This is awesome! Dr Faust wins! :D