Elijah Elmsworth (Academic) - A Gaslight Romance

In Progress




Well im keeping myself occupied over the holiday period by cracking on with more and more Steampunk stuff plus it helps writing to visualize things more.

Cant go in to to much detail about the character *its not some crappy secret I just don't know all together what im doing but I know exactly what he looks like*

This is essentially going to be a brocade waistcoat with a jodhpurs type trousers with high socks and boots :) as to looks he is blond with reading glasses :) I will most likely be using some Victorian books I have and a violin in designing. but we shall see :) I have some pieces I will be using for some tester shots :)

Well keep posted :)

If you should be interested Chapter one of my Short Story can be found here, I try and update as much as I can but Ive been writing chapter two for a while now XD



Fables posted on 2 June, 2010 - 11:16
Yaaay! Is this the librarian character? Mayhap I'll put up my chemist ^^,