Edith (Thora Birch in the Movie) - Ghost World




I practically threw this costume together!!! Ok ok ok so it took a little planning, but not much at all!!

The glasses were just bent and painted sunglasses without the lenses. They cost £3 from Primark.

The tshirt and boots i borrowed from my friend.

The skirt (also from Primark but actually my sister's..) I took to school with me and dyed green. Unfortunately i was in a rush and didn't seal the dye, so when i was standing in the queue in the RAIN, my legs turned green. Fortunately you can't see the green on my legs in the pics!! XD


Brinny-Chan posted on 2 September, 2008 - 21:44
Waaah! I saw you at Bristol XD And i have a phot with you XDXD Awesome cosplay XD

Captain_Marvelous posted on 11 January, 2009 - 03:43
OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! GHOSTWORLD you guys look amazing, I saw your icon and said "that better be a finished cosplay" GHOSTWORLD how obscure but amazing :) well done!

Shenny posted on 24 September, 2009 - 10:54
GHOST WORLD!?! :D:D:D:D I love you.