Alice - Alice in Wonderland



For a shoot with UK-Wonderland.
Special-Pleb also wants me to do this for her art project, so I'm getting this done early :)
I shall be adding to the costume over time, I'm just a bit brain dead with coming up with cool original designs. (I want to applique something, or embroider something onto the hem of the skirt, just gotta come up with an idea!)

3m blue polycotton £6 (approx, I bought this ages ago)
1m white polycotton £3
White tights £3.60

Really this didn't cost me anything as I had -all- the fabric already. But I've put up a rough estimate anyway as a guideline.

The bodice was a sort of trapezium shape, sewn together and I added darts at the bust area to make it more fitted. There's no zip needed as I made it just big enough to fit my head through, plus I couldn't find the right colour zip.
The puffy sleeves were sewn on separately with a white band made from double layered polycotton.
The collar is made from polycotton... I had to do this in 10 minutes before leaving the house so erm... Bit on the rushed side. I want to sew on interfacing in the future, definitely.

The skirt is a circle skirt, I hate hemming those things. Then sewn onto the bodice.
I used a black petticoat I made to give the dress the poof needed.

The apron is made from a single layer of polycotton. Really, I would like to either interface it or double layer it, but I just don't have the money to do so. Maybe in the future as it's all horrible and flimsy being polycotton.
The shape was tricky to achieve but I think I got there in the end.

The waist band and bow at the back is made from polycotton drill as that's all that I had leftover (I did say this costume was made from scrap fabric). The waistband is one long rectangle with velcro. The bow is made using 2 bow shaped panels, sewn together then with a rectangle in the middle and the two tails attached. On the rectangle there is velcro to loop around the waistband and to secure it.

Shoes I got from Clarks Village ages ago.
Tights are from New Look (NUS discount, wahey!)

Wig is my Kaitou Jeanne wig, but washed and treated. It needed to be restyled anyway as the curls fell out so no problem xD

When I do the shoot with UK-Wonderland I will revamp the cosplay (as well as post a concept picture XD) as I have the design in my head... Just got to put it to paper and then onto the costume itself!
But because I'm not going to be working on this for a while, I'll put it in complete for the time being XD
Because the theme is cards, I want to embroider the different suits to the hem of the skirt. I also want a proper bow on my head rather than a lolita bow and I might do other edits too! As well as fix up the costume as I made it in record time XDD

Charles Sauvage posted on 11 June, 2010 - 21:00
YAAAAAAAAAAY! I love you for doing this early! Thankyou hubbeh <3333 You shall be an adorable Alice! Now get down that rabbit hole! *kicks*

Anonymous posted on 7 July, 2010 - 18:43
So looking forward to having you as our Alice! You'll be great! :D As far as Oct Expo goes, looks like it'll be just myself and bakurakat, so since you have your own group, so I wouldn't bother. XD

Uni posted on 9 August, 2010 - 22:02
The progress looks wonderful so far! You make an amazingly cute Alice! <3

Anonymous posted on 10 August, 2010 - 10:26
You look adorable! 8D The poofy skirt looks awesome!

Anonymous posted on 10 August, 2010 - 18:07
Whether you say it's shoddy or not, it still looks good to me and I really am glad to have you in our group. ^-^

TheStarlightFairy posted on 11 August, 2010 - 21:08
Its not shoddy! You look adorable as Alice!

Limegreenjelly posted on 25 August, 2010 - 17:05
Love your alice, its beautiful ^^

Lady Bahamut posted on 25 August, 2010 - 18:05
Awww, look at you! So cute :3

Ichigo-Chan posted on 25 August, 2010 - 20:28
You look so adorable.

Pandora-Chi posted on 5 September, 2010 - 15:22
Awwwww this cosplay is adorable ^^

Make dress
Apron bow
Sew on collar
Make white apron
White tights

Total cost: £0.00

13th August 2010

Temp headbow

Temporary head bow borrowed from Izzy (shigures high school girl) because I'm just too lazy to make my own right now XD; I lost my alice headband anyway and so I asked Izzy for hers (she's heavily into lolita I instantly went to her XD) and let me borrow it :) When I make my own it'll be less lolita style, more traditional bow style but BIGGER! That is if I like the look, going to draw up loads of designs and see what I like best when it comes to the shoot with UK-Wonderland. Wig has been washed out of its hairspray. Might need to wash it a second time and add a bit of conditioner to it as there's still a tiny bit of hairspray in the bangs. I stored it in a plait so it's still nice and untangled 8D I was expecting it to be in a tangled mess but I forgot that I had already given it a nice little treatment before putting it into storage XD

9th August 2010

Nearly there!

This is the shoddiest costume I have ever made XD And before you comment on the shortness of the dress... I didn't mean to be that short oTL. I made it extra puffy by tucking in the petticoat as it was too long and showed underneath, this made the skirt shorter, yeaaaah I should have thought about that more D; The apron is made from a single layer of polycotton, I would have loved to either interface it or double layer it but I don't have any of that lying around and am too much of a cheapo to buy more XD Which makes it very very shoddy. The white part of the sleeves is double layered polycotton. The bow is made from polycotton drill (didn't have enough polycotton leftover). It attaches using velcro. I still need to sew on the collar, I thought about making it... Then decided not to because I was lazy and I haaaate making collars!!! Will make it eventually though XD Time Taken: 3-4hrs

29th July 2010


Wooo, that's all the blue bits done! I just need to hem it, but I need to buy more thread for that. I would have finished off the puffy sleeves but I wanted to have white edging... And out of all 12+ of my bobbins none of them have white thread in them oTL. I can't do any more work till I free up a bobbin or buy some more xD; The torso has darts to make it fitted, has a zip at the back (which needs to be bought) and then the puffy sleeves sewn on. The skirt is a circle skirt. I thought I'd need two petticoats or something... But the black petticoat I made ages ago works perfectly enough, yay for not having to break my neck over making another! 8D Time Taken: 1hr

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