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This one has the collar from straitjacket!Master..and I'm going to be sweltering.

Anonymous posted on 27 May, 2010 - 20:29

FogandSpyglass posted on 27 May, 2010 - 23:09
why thankyou :D

PepperCos posted on 1 June, 2010 - 14:56
OHAI! XD It's you! My othe Masterly Master!

FogandSpyglass posted on 1 June, 2010 - 17:44
Here's a master, there's a master and another little master, funny master, fuzzy master, master master jack! WHOOPWHOOP! big it up, my taller self :D I only just got the last of that infernal stubble off ><

princesircastic posted on 15 June, 2010 - 15:45

12th July 2010

Recipe for End of Time Master

Expo. That holy grail of cosplayers. Where all are welcome even if their cosplay is mostly made up of purchased items mildly customised. Can you tell I mean myself? I decided I would cosplay the Master from Doctor Who. The Version I planned to cosplay was the Blonde, scruffy, hoodie-wearing master that appears in David Tennant's last episode, the End of time. Required items: Red shirt[cost:£1] {X} [Charity shop] Black hoodie[no zip][cost:£7] {X} [Matalan; i couldn't find a non zip elsewhere] Dark skinny jeans {X} [I own a pair, don't judge me] Boots[scruffy] {X}###I scruffed up a pair of old Doc Martens I had.* blonde hair[cost:£32.50] {X}###Mine was dyed roughly a week in advance.** Manic grin.[cost:my sanity] {X} Optional items: Red collar[cost:£3.99] {X}###mine was a belt. /whispered stubble [see below] {X}###For expo I used theatrical hair.*** straitjacket { } (laser screwdriver) {X}###from Harold Saxon cosplay (toclafane) {X}###from DW adventures magazine as a freebie (food) {X} Other fun stuff: Marker pen with which to write Zap on one's palms, because the electric beams of blue stuff are really hard to do, even when you get the costume right and rewatch the episode excessively... I know. It confuses me too. What else did i need to do?! *HAd i not needed to walk around all day I might have used an old pair of army issue boots. In order to scruff up my boots, I first used a scourer, which is the green bristly thing for dish cleaning. I don't know if it's green anywhere but England, but I'd advise against using the metal bristle pads.You want to scuff the boots, not permanently damage them. I started by using them to scuff up any visible bends from where the laether moves when walking, and also the toe of the boot. MY DMs had yellow thread one the sole, so I coloured that in with some permanent marker, which worked wellas it appeared a little faded. I then took some brown felt tip and coloured in parts that had been scuffed, not all but many of them. Finally I applied a little talcum powder to the boots and patted it down, it seemed to get into the scratches and make them appear deeper as well as giving that 'king of the wasteland' feel to the boots. I applied it once more the morning before the con and once more at lunchtime. IT lasted perfectly well all day. ** I had it dyed ashe blonde, which went rather yellow. I complained and was given a free correction which caused it to be ashe blonde. I had a little bleach through the tips and that made them almost white blonde. the combination actually matched exceedingly well to screenshots and references. In order to get the greasy look without being unhygeinic, I washed, dried it a little, putting the hair into the right sort of style, all pushed forward towards my face. Bleached hair is chemically damaged and as such when it is wet it sticks to itself as though gelled. This does not happen when it is dry, so in order to keep the hair fibres together, i used my "EXTREME Party Hold 24-hr gel" that I got from the Boots equivalent in Antigua. It does what it says on the tin, but I didn't want hair fixed in place. So I used a pea sized amount and worked it all the way thorugh my hair, then towel dried, finishing off by drawing the towel forward towards my face. I adjusted the hair to taste and then allowed it to dry. I did all this BEFORE donning my clothes. The reason for that was that I wanted to make sure the hair would withstand photo posing and also stay looking natural-ish. You could use a wig, but those tend to be one colour through and through. ***originally I planned to use my 'special stubble mixture' which was vaseline, then tea leaves. I soon realised that while it looked barely passable on photo it looked ridiculous in real life. So I decided to do it properly. "Properly" involved a hurried search for theatrical make-up[posh face-paint, it's more solid than usual face-paint], sealant mastix/latex adhesive, and theatrical hair. The theatrical hair is usually used to create fake beard, moustaches and sideburns. By cutting it up exceedingly fine, I managed to make some small pieces of hair that were...too long for stubble. To really do it right, you need to get sharp scissors, twist a small amount of the hair around and around into a braid, fold the braid, twist the folded braid, asnd repeat until you have a short fat lump. then very fine cut this. essentially, push the hair against the scissors while openingand closing them, and continue to do this, rotating the lup as you do to stop the centre of the hair lump becoming shorter than the side parts which are pushed aside a little. This done, I advise you so so so strongly to put it all onto a sheet of white paper. Otherwise, it's very hard to see. I gathered it all together into a new lump of short bits of hair, and left it while i prepared my base make-up. I wanted to look as much like John Simm as possible, not only because the man is gorgeous and yes, yes I would, but because the Master's costume is easily confused with being a chav. I admit that the fake stubble is a hint, but to make sure i was recognised, I wanted to get it right. SO... Ingredients: lightish make-up, sort of your skin colour darker make-up slightly darker than your skin, like you in the middle of summer. unless you burn. Eyeliner[€1.50], I used black because I had some left from my gaaara cosplay, and definitely not from when I was a panda. You could use eyeshadow and not have to smoodge so much. Theatrical hair [£3.99] I used a reddish brownish colour. Use one close to your actual stubble colour or it will look odd on your face. Use your eyebrows for more certain guidance. Face paint in black[£3.49] dark dark brown might work. (MAstix sealant[£3.99]) 1. Apply lightish make-up to forehead and nose and cheeks. Apply slightly darker make-up to jaw, chin and just at the point where chin and neck meet. I used some weird fake tan bronze powder. 2.Apply eyeliner to corner of eyes, inside that part wwhere eyelashes grow from. THis makes the eyes look a little narrower, i think. 3. more eyeliner to very outside tip of eyes, smoodge it some but not massively, keep it in the area near the eye. I found that squinting super hard and pulling that face that everyone in primary school pulls when they want to be asian. [I swear that all small children are not racist, but wanna-bes]{please don't flame me, but I have no other way to explain it} 4. even more eyeliner applied to inside corner part of eyes near bridge of nose to accentuate the shadows and look a bit demented really. Smoodge it up babeh. You can also put a little in a linee along your cheek where the bone is, and smoodging it DOWNWARDS. Makes you look demented and hungrier. ~fetch theatrical stuff if like me you've left it all downstairs.~ -Do not continue if wearing hoody because the hair will get everywhere and it shows!- 5.Take scouring pad, same as you used to scratch the boots, but not the actual same scourer. That would be germy. Press the scourer into the surface of the block of black makeup. DO NOT SWIPE. DO NOT RUB/CIRCLE. Now pad onto face. It won't look like it's working. It is. DON'T SMOODGE IT! Do this all over stubbly area, from sideburns, down across jaw line, and then down under jaw a little, and on upper lip, then join up the upper lip and the chin part. 6. Dab sealant on very sparingly and take blob of chopped hair and also dab then arrange so no hair sticks out or in odd directions. repeat both parts, espeacially along jaw lline. For this cosplay, most of the hair is around the mouth, so apply most here, fading out towards the side burns and the neck downwards. 7. Apply some more waterproof Mastix theatrical sealant and stick tiny bits on. 8. Now take some of the powder in either and both colours, and 'sprinkle' in the gaps where sealant is still being shiny. If you want to and have some of that volumising two part mascara that used to be the rage, get the step1 part, that is normally whitish coloured and you can mascara tiny bits of the hair to make it seem less fake. THat's all for my loverly little bits of insight into my Master cosplay.

1st June 2010


Wore this to Mcm on the 29th with better stubble, and the people i met there were gorgeous lovely people. Especially a certain Master who had a certain magazine that I had to drool over and contain my fanboy urges over. It was fantastically good fun and I now /need/ [not want] to do more cosplay as the Master before my hair grows out. Hopefully I can force proper non-patchy stubble to grow from my rebellious boi-chin before then. If anyone got videos of the Timewarp, I would love to see them, simply to see how bad my dancing was.

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