Fuu - Samurai Champloo




I love Fuu...she's so ditzy and eats loads. Like me...heh heh...

This was surprisingly difficult to make. The main kimono wasn't too difficult, my mum and my gran helped me alot with making the main body, which was really good of them.

The sash was made from the leftover material from the kimono, and it was velcro-ed at the back.

It was the patterned flowers that caused the problem! I was really pushed for time coming up to Ame07, so i tried 3 or 4 different methods. I wanted to be able to iron them on, but it just kept curling and spoiling the silk of the kimono. In the end we used felt which was much easier, and washable!!

I've now worn this for Amecon07 and Ayacon 09. yeeeeh boi.


Uni posted on 31 July, 2008 - 09:13
Ah yesh! I remember you at Amecon! I love fuu and you pulled hr off well! : D Pitty i did not get to take a picture : ( Are you gonna wear it again? EDIT: Eeee! I'll see you on sunday hopefully! : 3