Kurai (Christmas Artbook Version) - Angel Sanctuary


AmeCon 2007




I did this as a part of the Angel Sanctuary group at Amecon2007. I wore it on the Friday. It was my first day of proper cosplaying, and was super exciting! XD

The wig was MEGA itchy though....!!

The wings were made using garden wire and sewing. They were really last minute so the colours were sorta falling apart, if i ever rewear it, i'll have to stitch them back on properly!

The wig was sent to me from my aunt in Thailand, it only cost about £8 i think...

The boots were rocketdog ones i had to nick from my lil sister...she didn't mind though!!


sjbonnar posted on 21 October, 2008 - 10:11
I wish you'd done this at the 2008 Amecon when I did Uriel!