Trucy Wright - Phoenix Wright: Apollo Justice




When I chose to make this costume I don't think I thought thoroughly about how difficult parts of it would be! Luckily I've managed to almost complete it but not without many hair-tearing moments!
I don't think any of it was an 'easy' part but the cheerleading baton was fairly easy to make once I'd figured out how to do it! For this cosplay I couldn't buy any parts pre-made (except for the obvious boots and gloves...) since all the ones online looked rather poor quality and too shiny. Not that my cosplay isn't quite cheaply made... I don't think it looks terrible though!
The hardest part was definitely the cape because you can potentially see every part of it so sewing in the hems and making it neat everywhere was very difficult for a newbie like me! I think I've mostly succeeded though, except where I melted a small part of it when I ironed it. Oopsies!
I've learnt quite a bit from this costume. I feel like a sewing machine veteran now! That sewing machine hates me though... >.>;; Also I should probably have bought some higher quality materials considering the materials I bought do crease quite easily. However, for a newbie attempt I think it's quite reasonable. :D


madmazda86 posted on 19 June, 2013 - 20:37
Yay Trucy! A good first attempt, and now you have the cloak to pattern off if you ever find a fabric you want to remake it with!