Demyx - Kingdom Hearts II




I love this costume! I made it as an easy back-up cosplay in case any future plans fall through again because it's happened a few times because I've just been too busy to do finish cosplays in time.
I can't claim to have made all of this cosplay from scratch though. Of course, I'm not where near skilled enough to make an organization coat, so I bought it off ebay. I then adjusted it to make it fit just a tad better and bought a mega big zip as in the official artwork and sewed that on. I changed the chain as well to make it longer so that you could see it since the new zip made it seem rather unnoticeable to me. xD
The wig was pretty difficult to make since I've never styled a wig before in my life! I had to just get a base wig and start from there... it's so scary to cut the hair the first time because once it's cut there's no going back! (obviously!!) I think it's turned out quite well but there's obviously still room for improvement and if I did it again I reckon I'd try to find a thicker base wig. :3
I don't have the time or resources to make a huge sitar as the real Demy has but I sanded and repainted and stuck bits onto my ukulele to make it into a mini sitar. I think it turned out quite well and enables my costume to be a bit more original at the same time without being too tacky (I hope!!).
I can't wait to wear it on the Sunday at May expo 2010 but I'm worried that I'm going to melt with all the layers and pleather. D':


ember329 posted on 23 May, 2010 - 16:45
Can't wait to see this!Demyx <3