Hoshina Utau (Character Tranformed) - shugo chara





So i LOVE Shugo Chara rigt now. I'm a bit of a Shojo girl and Utau is so cute!
I want to do her character tranformation because it's just plain awesome! i want to making it so somehow, thedress folds out from her normal clothes into her transformation outfit.

It'll be hard but if i can pull it off it'll be awesome!
maybe i should spend the summer doing this instead of Suu? *shrug* i dunno.

I've always wanted to do an umbrella dress too.

thinking on it i don't think the transformation idea will work with the idea i have for the red dress. oh wells. i'll have to do some designing....... *sigh*


CrystalNeko posted on 7 April, 2008 - 13:01
O_O I haven't seen this version of Utau yet... Need to do some catch up xD Nice outfit =3, yay for Shugo Chara! ^_^